Do not prepare the way for the children. Prepare the children for the way.


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There are three types of intelligence.

Intelligent Quotient (IQ)
Emotional Quotient (EQ)
Social Quotient (SQ)

Now this thread shows what each of these mean and their impact.

Do well to share so others can learn.

  1. Intelligent Quotient (IQ): this is what helps one to “know book”, solve maths; memorize things and recall subject matters.

2. Emotional Quotient (EQ): this is what makes someone to be able to maintain peace with others; keep to time; be responsible; be honest; respect boundaries; be humble, genuine and considerate.

  1. Social Quotient (SQ): this is what makes people to be able to build a network of friends and maintain it over a long period of time.

People that have higher EQ and SQ tend to go farther in life than those with high IQ but low EQ and SQ. Most schools capitalize on improving IQ levesl while EQ and SQ are down played.

A man with high IQ can end up being employed by a man with
high EQ and SQ even though he has an average IQ.

Your EQ represents your character; your SQ represents your fame. Give in to habits that will improve these three Qs but more especially, your EQ and SQ.

EQ and SQ make one manage better than the other.

Pls don’t teach children only to focus on IQ but also to focus on EQ and SQ.

Now there is a 4th one :
A new paradigm

  1. The Adversity Quotient (AQ): that makes people go through a rough patch in life and come out without losing their centres.

The AQ determines who will give up in the face of troubles, who will abandon their family or who will consider suicide.

To parents.
This is holiday time. It is called long vacation.
Long vacation is of European origin, carefully inserted into the annual life of the community.

It is intended that at the long vacation, children are exposed to other areas of life than academic life.

More importantly, children engage in vacation jobs. They are made to earn the money for the next academic tuition fees. Parents only assist them.

In doing this they develop both EQ, SQ and AQ. They become integral human beings able to do things independent of their parents.

At long vacation parents please do not send them to extramural lessons.

Take them to the village to cultivate corns, ground nut and see how foods are grown.

Make them to learn to make clothes, shoes, ornaments. Send them to wood workshops, mechanic workshops etc.

Do not always take them to fast food restaurants and cinemas and the likes. Also take them to visit the bereaved, the hospitalised and the orphanage.

Finally, do not prepare the way for the children. Prepare the children for the way.



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