Why mother? Mummy why?? Why Mama???😢
Why did you do this to me?
Innocent soul sent by God for a purpose.

I rejoiced when l chose your womb as my abode.
I aspired to see how beautiful the world is.
I looked forward to seeing your pretty face, my father, friends, etc

But you cut short of my dreams!….WHY?🤷
Why did you deprive me of the joy of coming to this world?
Why did you make my life so short and miserable?
What have l done to you mother to deserve this kind of wicked act?
What offence did l commit that you decided to end my life in this callous way?

Would you have become a mother if your own mother considered you as UNWANTED?
If your mother aborted you, would you have become what you are today?
Why me then???😥😭😢

I chose your womb as the safest place to stay
I chose you as the best person to call MY MOTHER.

Many women wanted me.
Many prayed to have me as their child…

But l chose you: oh! What a grievous mistake!
You made my life miserable and short lived.
Innocent soul created by God

See, my mother conspired with the doctors and nurses…
They used needle to pour venom and poison on me.
They used drugs which are destroying, piercing and tearing me apart.
I cried bitterly…
l cried loudly…
l yelled…
I shouted…

But All was from beyond as my voice wasn’t heard.
I wonder where has motherly and fatherly love gone to?😩

Oh! I came into this world to fulfill my dreams and aspirations…
But l’m deprived, prevented, rejected, abandoned, killed, terminated, and exterminated.😭

Innocent soul sent by God for a purpose.
😢Why Mother? Mummy Why?😭😭😭

… By Akudo A. Mgbemere

Akudo Mgbemere


  • Your write up has encouraged me a lot. Thank you for the time spent in lighting up a heart

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