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A genuine smile is the most attractive thing you can wear. It is absolutely universal and is rarely misunderstood. Added to that, a good sense of humor, people will be naturally drawn to you.

But a smile! What is in a smile?
There is in a smile health, wealth and happiness.
A smile a day takes the doctor away… because it takes less muscles to smile and much muscles to frown. Smile is like a beam of sunlight entering into your soul and dispelling all gloom. It was a smile ushering calm after the storm.
A smile creates happiness in the home, fosters Goodwill in a business and is the counter sign of friends, yet it cannot be bought, begged, borrowed or stolen. It is something that is of no earthly good to anybody till it is given away. It does not cost anything, it pleases those that receives it and harmless to those that give it, though is short-lived but it’s memories is for a long time.

A smile is the strongest possible weapon in the battle of life for what we look for depends on what we see and remember, a mirror cannot give back more than you put into it. Use the mirror test while developing that Christ-like smile.
If l may ask, how much does it cost for a single smile? The smallest is not lost, each wave length brings smile that flows and flows. Each smie lessens human woe. So, be very generous enough to share a smile with everybody. Never deny smile to anyone and none will sent it to you, for smile brings smile in return. An unsmiling fave renders the wearer immune from antagonism.
People who are truly happy don’t have to fake it or try to impress others. Happy people accept others as they are not fretting over Minor foibles. They don’t feel the need to remake their friends to conform to their own pre-conceived ideas. Work to be the type of happy non- critical person.
The habit of frequent and hearty laughter will not only save you many doctor’s bill, but will also save you years of your life. Laughter keeps the heart and face young and enhances physical beauty. Really, life would be much more fulfilling and we should be happier

A smile is a valuable commodity. It is necessary as food and drink. It is a qualification, a passport, that can carry you a long way;a charm to soothe the savage beasts. He who has no smile , says a proverb, should not open a shop. It is not only elders who like people who smiles, but youngsters who always love those who are cheerful. A smile, should not smell, it should be a clean and genuine expression to warm the cockles of one another’s heart. Keep smiling, we admire more those who inspite of their misfortunes seem to own Fortune. We salute those spirited men who instead of receiving, give to the able bodied a lesson of joy of living, in becoming useful to their fellow men

Do not be tired of giving people a smile. Give them one of yours, as none needs a smile so much as he who has none to give. Do you know that the humblest person can go through life with a smiling face and scatter flowers of kindness all around?
So, approach divinity now with just a good simple and Christ-like smile!!! Frowning is never a ticket to Heaven neither does it shows spirit filled fellow, rather a simpler smile to a person can win souls yo God. Wear a smile every time, even during prayers. Show God that you appreciate Him and His good works.

Always wear a good Smile



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