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EVERY MAN DESERVES A 4G WIFE.(Interesting and worth sharing…..from a Friend). I have met 1G wives, 2G wives, 3G wives and 4G wives, but only the 4G wives are making lasting positive impacts.

Some sisters would say but I am not married yet… You are supposed to be a wife material before marriage. The Bible says, “he that findeth a wife…”

Therefore, let’s learn one or more from these to add values to our lives.

1G Wives:

The First G stands for Good. Every Man deserves a Good wife. I will explain what I meant by being Good.

The Bible says “he that findeth a wife findeth a good thing…” Prov. 31:12 says,
“She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.”
A Good wife does 6 things to her husband. The dictionary defines being Good as having desirable or positive qualities.

How do you recognize a good wife?

  1. She is kind to her husband. She speaks kind words and do kind things.
    I was with a wife one day and I called her a witch to her face. I said “You don’t have to be flying to be a witch, you are behaving like one already” do you know what she did?
    Her husband came back from work and the man was still outside with dirty clothes and body and she was screaming that he brought money for food home what about money for school fees?
    I said “this man has gone out since morning, he has worked hard and is tired already, can’t you be kind enough to give him water for bathing and give him food before collecting money and screaming at him?
    Some wives treat strangers better than they treat their husband.
  2. A Good woman is a true Help Mate.
    She doesn’t put the burden of the family on her husband alone.
    Some women want their husband to pay house rent, give them household allowance, take care of their family and his family and still pay school fees.
    The poor man will still buy them clothes and shoes and he is in trouble if he forgets to pay electricity bills or renew DSTV subscription. Kukuma kill the man.
    Women should take time to study Proverbs 31 diligently. A virtuous woman is not lazy and dependent on her husband alone for survival.
  3. A Good woman is loving to her husband and appreciates her in-laws. She loves them because they are the reason she has a great man who loves her.
    Someone trained that man, sent him to school, teach him manners and how to treat a woman well. You are enjoying the fruit of other people’s labour. Don’t call them pests or parasites.
  4. A Good wife is a peaceful woman. She treats her neighbours well and hospitable.
  5. A good woman is a good cook and a good caretaker.
    She understands that the way to her Man’s heart is through his stomach. Men love good food.
  6. A good woman grooms her home and tend her garden.
    When she is Good she has 1G, we all know that 1G cannot get you anywhere, hence, the need to upgrade.

2G Wives:

The 2nd G is Gorgeous.
Psalm 45:10-11

  1. Listen, O daughter,
    Consider and incline your ear;
    Forget your own people also, and your father’s house;
  2. So the King will greatly desire your beauty;
    Because He is your Lord, worship Him.
    Prov. 31:22
    “She makes tapestry for herself;
    Her clothing is fine linen and purple”.
    There was a period that I equated Holiness with wearing oversized clothes and wearing colour riot. Thank God for knowledge.

A Gorgeous wife:

  1. Dresses beautifully to attract her husband
  2. Wins him over and nurture his affection
  3. Reverence her husband and places him on a pedestal. Yes, she is biased and partial to her husband because they have got each other’s back.
  4. She is charming and pretty
  5. She fascinate her 5
  6. She knows and maintain her place in his heart
  7. She knows that the way she dresses is the way people will address her husband.

When a wife is Good & Gorgeous, she has 2G. We all know that 2G cannot do much for you as well, you need more than that.

3G Wives:

The 3rd G is GREAT.

The dictionary defines Great as achieving Distinction and Honor. A Great wife is a distinctive wife not a destructive wife.

A Great Wife does the following:

  1. She honours her husband publicly and privately.

I know a woman that used to call her husband her lord. How will you feel as a husband if your wife calls you my lord? Will you beat such a woman or starve her?

  1. A Great woman Praises her husband, she does not put him down.
    I was with a couple one day and I told the wife jokingly while admiring her new phone that “Your husband is trying O! How many husbands will buy their wife a phone at this time when the economy is hard?” She said “Se iru phone eleyi lawon egbe e n ra fun iyawo won?” Meaning is this the type of phone his Mates buy for their wife?
  2. A Great woman preserves her husband by giving him peace of mind.
    A man has gone to work since morning and when he comes home at night what you use to welcome him is “Thank God you are home, I would have killed somebody but trust me Sha, I showed her pepper”
    There are too many Madam pepper working around parading themselves as wives, God will save men.
    Many men are so fed up that they are praying for death.
  3. A Great Wife romances her husband and seduce him.
    We were told that as a Christian woman, you must be ready to be your husband’s prostitute. If you can serve him dinner in the bedroom andbbb in the sitting room you can do anything with him.
  4. A Great woman guide her husband into greatness.
    She dusts him up and encourages him.

We know that 3G is great but nothing can beat 4G because it is much more better.

4G Wives:

The 4th G is Godly.
Every man deserves a Godly wife.
Prov. 31:30 says,
“Favour is deceitful and beauty is vanity but a woman that fear the Lord should be praised”.

A Godly wife:

  1. Has a Christlike character and humble disposition.
  2. Guard her tongue and does not use it to inflict pain on her husband.
  3. Put God first in everything she does.
  4. Builds her home prayerfully
  5. She honours her husband
  6. She forgives her husband
  7. Train her children in the way of the Lord and gently groom her husband to love the Lord more.

*The Benefit of having a 4G wife.
3G is better but 4G is the best because it connect to the heart of God and her husband efficiently and consistently.

A 4G wife is

  1. Good
  2. Gorgeous
  3. Great
  4. Godly

May God give you such a wife as a man if you are not married, and if you’re already married, receive grace for upgrade in your marriage. Also, if you are a lady and not on the 4G network yet, connect with your maker and receive the grace to
upgrade to 4G now in Jesus’ Name…




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