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*What makes up a godly home?

A GODLY HOME has to do with a family where God is the centerality…a sound Christian set up.

*It is a home with a Godly background, identity and orientation…e.g Cornelinus Home (Acts 10:12)

*The quality of any home is determined by the spiritual position of that home… your home spiritually balanced?

-Your home is one of the most important things in your life and so needs good care and regular maintenance if it is to be successful and last.

-Your home will give you back exactly what you have put into it….so look for peace, love, riches, etc and bring into your home and you will thus reap same.

*What does it take to have a happy home?

  • A happy home is only possible when a wife treats her husband & children the way she would want them to treat her….and vice versa

lf you are constantly underming your partner, taking him/her for granted…


Remember, the way your spouse has faults & shortcomings are the same way you too have….so, stop concentrating on his/her faults. See the positive aspect of him/her especially those things that made you say ‘’yes’’ to him at the beginning.

God intended marriages to be successful.
The fact that many marriages have failed & homes broken, does not mean that the institution of marriage is somehow flawed.

God instituted marriage because He is aware that:

  • There are battles we cannot fight alone without a helpmeet.
    -There are assignments you may never be able to accomplish without a suitable companion.
    -There are heights you may never be able to reach without a life partner.
  • So thank God that you are married.
    It is a great honour and a big tittle to be called ‘’Mrs or Mr…”

-Do you know that there many restrictions in the life of an unmarried person, even when the person is endowed, gifted, powerful or influencial?

-Do you know there are certain boundaries an unmarried cannot cross?

-But as soon as he or she marries, these barriers are removed and the person can then maximise his or her potentials & be all that God expects her to be..( Eccle 4:9-12).

Count yourself lucky and blessed that you are somebody’s wife/husband.


-How strong is your home in God?
-Is your home a happy one or a war zone?

-Anybody that is not a christain at home, cannot be a christain in the church or elsewhere…Charity begins at home.

-You must operate with God to make your home a mini paradise on this earth as it is supposed to be.

-Those who ignore God in their marriages/homes, live to regret it.
-But those who come to God for His leading, will experience a peaceful, pleasant, purposeful, blissful, fruitful & profitable home.
God cannot lie. Whatever He says, He will do it…Num23:19
(Num 23:19), God is not a man, that He should tell or act a lie, neither the son of man, that He should feel repentance or compunction [for what He has promised]. Has He said and shall He not do it? Or has He spoken and shall He not make it good?”

A happy home does not just happen.
It takes work.

-A Glorious home is not only a product of wishes, fastings, prayers…IT IS ATTAINED by operating in the sense of the most High God.
-It is not just enough to build a Christian home…it has to be built, nurtured, maintained & sustained.

-Because, an 8 yrs, 12yrs, 20yrs, 25yrs, 50yrs…of a marriage and serving the Lord could be rubbished by the devil within one minute and the person concerned would become a history.

May it never be your portion in Jesus name, amen

That is why you should pay much attention to your marriage/home and
never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.


  1. Treating your marriage as HOLY that no man can separate; (Math 19:6) .
  2. Speaking Respectively: (Prov 12:18) – The tongue of a wise woman is a healing. Therefore, make prayerful effort to speak with dignity, respect & affection.
  3. Cultivating Kindness & Compassion: (Eph 4:32) – Be kind to one another, tenderly & compassionate.
  4. Showing Humility: (Phi 2:3) – Do nothing out of contentiousness or out of egotism but with lowliness of mind considering that the others are superior.
  5. Trust, Communicate, show Gratitude, be Generous, forgive, etc.
  • A happy home is a product of the noble effort of the two determined lovers of the opposite sex who wake up everyday with the determination to make their marriage blossom.

-Men fight their battles vigorously and win them inevitably when they have a wife who prays for them fervently.

Marriage is a serious business.

📢Take it serious. Be totally committed and care for it.

-lf you truly love your partner, you will make his/her happiness your primary goal.

*The happiest wife is not the one who marries the best Man, but the one who makes the best of the man she marries…make him rich & handsome*


“The happiest husband is not the one who marries the best Woman, but the one who makes the best of the woman he marries…make her beautiful & elegant”.

For the women: ..HOW CAN YOU ACHIEVE THAT?

-Be a virtous woman who is unique & extraordinary…thus is singled out of the crowd.
-Respect & humility are the charms in a woman that send a man crazy.

-A virtous woman shows her husband affection such as: giving him a choice of cloth to wear to fit for the outing he is going for, praying for him, cooking for him, etc.

Do u have those qualities as a wife?

-Derive courage from these women of power & influence that the bible talks about:-

  1. SHUNAMITE WOMAN: (2Kgs 4:8-10)- she is a woman of Spiritual Discernment. She has wealth.
  2. DEBORAH: (Judges 4 & 5)- A Leadership Woman, a Prophetess- she judged lsrael & set lsrael free from 20yrs of oppression by Jabin the king.
  3. ANNA: (Lk 2:25-35)-a Prophetess
  4. DAUGHTERS OF ZELOPHEHAD-{Mahlad, Noah, Holglah, Milcah & Tirzah}: (Num 27:3-7)-Women of Powerpersistence, Progression & lntelligence. – they were the daughters of a sonless father & were able to claim their fathers inheritance .
  5. WOMAN WITH THE ISSUE OF BLOOD: (Lk 8:40-44)- woman of Persistenance, Power & Perserverance.
  6. CANAANITE WOMAN: (Math 15:22-25) –woman of Great faith & was determined to Jesus to heal her daughter.
  7. A WIDOW: (Lk 18)-a woman of persistence, who kept coming to a judge with a plea to grant her justice against her adversary.
  8. ABIGAIL: (1 Sam 25:3)- a woman of lntelligent & beauty, a Protector of household, a woman of sound, speech & Action,
  9. ESTHER: A Deliever of a Nation.
  10. RIZPAH: Protecting her Children.


Be a CONQUERING WOMAN who is dominated by the word of God…not by lies, gossips, deceits, anger, unforgiveness, impure thoughts etc.

DON’T BE LIKE THESE VICIOUS WOMEN that the bible condemned:

  1. SAPPHIRA: (Acts 5:1-11)- made her husband Ananas to lie.
  2. JEZEBEL : (1 Kgs 15 & 16)- made her husband King Ahab to worship Baal (ldol).
    PORTIPHARS WIFE: (Gen 39:7-23)
  3. DELILAH : (Judges 16:4-22)- she deceived her husband Samson 3 times.

*The worst thing that can happen to a man is not death, but marrying a VICIOUS WOMAN…is a curse to any man who has her as a wife
(Prov 12:4)…A virtuous and worthy wife [earnest and strong in character] is a crowning joy to her husband, but she who makes him ashamed is as rottenness in his bones.”

  • It takes a VICIOUS woman just a little time to make a man sin against God, but takes a VIRTOUS woman both time & her knee to make her husband fear God (prov14:1-11).

Do not give satan an inch, else he takes a mile

The children are not left out in building a happy and peaceful home👩‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👧

If your children’s character are in disorder, there is no way you will have a happy home.
To Raise godly children:-
1. Teach your children: (Prov 1:8, 13:24, – give them what they need, not what they want.

2. Train your children: (Prov 22:6)- this requires heart of obedience, faith & dedication.
3. Instruct them: (Prov 10:1-5)- how wise are you in moving your children by instruction? Assign chores that is age appropriate.

4. Correct them: (Prov 13:24, 19:18, 3:12,23:13,22:15, 29:15).
5. Cherish them: (prov 4:3, 31:2, 1 Sam 1:7, 11,
6. Care for them: (math 6:25-32, 11:25, 21:15)

7. Pay attention to them: (Prov 20:11, 28:7, 29:17)
8. Require respect from them: (Exo 20:12.
9. Be patient with them: (Gal 5:20, Prov 15:1, 28.

*Some children are called accident, mistakes or possession.-some are unwanted, abandoned or abused, but each parent will give account to God as a steward from the unloved child to the most loved child because each child belongs to God…..(Math18:10)


-Then you must pay the PRICE to get the PRIZE.

-You must bury Egotism & selfishness.

🙏lnitiate the journey to a happy home today no matter how far you have travelled in the path of bitterness & unforgiveness.

-An unhappy home is a junior sibling to HELL FIRE 🔥 🔥 🔥

-A happy home is a reflection of HEAVENLY BLISS 🌺🥀🌹🌸💐

*The choice is yours…..GIVE PEACE A CHANCE IN YOUR HOME.

*Happy couples don’t compare their homes with others, they are happy & contented with what they have.

-May the Lord help you to make your home heaven on earth.

-May He give you the grace to build your home worthy of emulation.

-May your home not lead you to hell fire.

-May your home prepare you and lead you to heaven after your stay on earth.

-May He remove all the distractions that may be perching and trying to penetrate your home….✂️🔨May God destroy These enemies 🔫 and build walls of fire ♨️ around your home in Jesus name, amen.

🙏God bless you🙏🌹🌺💐❤️

…by Akudo A. Mgbemere



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