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Character is having sense of right and wrong. It is the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.

A bad company can corrupt a good
Good Character…1 Cor. 15:33.
“A wife of Noble Character is her husband’s Crown, but a Disgraceful wife is like decay in his bone.
(Prov 12:4)”.
Be a woman of Noble Character (Ruth 3:11).

Our character is who we really are even when no one is watching…This is the true of a man’s character.

Our character determines how we respond to the situations and circumstances of life.
“Reputation is a shadow. Character is a Tree’’
* Character is much better than our reputation.
* Reputation is what others see about you.

Character is who you really are even when no one is watching.
Are you a wife beater?
Do you maltreating your husband and house hold?
Are you witch or wizard?
Do you use charms?
Do you kill with your mouth, through bad words?
Are you very wicked?
Do you pretend a lot?
Are you peaceful, lovely, truthful, helpful, religious/born again, humble and gentle?


-It is our character that determines our success.
There are some character traits that tend to lead to ‘’success’’ and others that tend to lead to ‘’failure’’


-Making mistakes doesn’t mean you don’t have good character.
Everyone makes mistakes and learns from them.

lf you spoil someone’s thing or break something in the office, school etc., someone with good character will tell the truth even if you are going to get in trouble……just apologize

If a friend dresses differently, Someone with good character will not tease or be unkind, rather shows some love and care.
Great people are usually judged by their character.
Having good character means that you have such admirable traits as honesty, responsility and courage.

Having good character is beneficial to you, your family, church, neighbourhood, work place and the entire society. It can save you from danger and more especially it will lead you to heaven.
Do you have a good character ?
Does your character smells?
How are your words?
Always strong, bitter, abusive and offensive?…God abhors such!
Are your words soft, welcoming, lovely, attractive and full of blessings?..God loves such!
The tongue is small but powerful that is why it is surrounded with mighty gate/wall called ‘teeth’ 😀 so you have to lift it up before making use of it🤣..
The tongue does not have bone but it can break someone’s back.
So use it wisely and Godly too.


Pretend you are in a supermarket and there is this beautiful jewellery that you really like and it will fit the outing you have that weekend. You don’t have money to pay for it. But you still want it really bad. You just slip it into your bag without anyone seeing you.
🥀 How do you feel?
-Does your mind tell you it is STEALING?
You shouldn’t take things without paying for them?

That’s your Conscience!


You have prepared to go to church,
beautiful and gorgeously dressed with ‘to match shoes, bag and jewellery’
But as you are climbing down the staircase, your beautiful shoe got spoilt.

  • How do you feel?
    -Does your mind tell you, go back and stay at home. God understands. Church is in the heart; you can always make up and ask for forgiveness later?
    -Does your mind say….change the shoe, wear anything else and go and serve your God?
  • … That’s your Conscience!

You are walking down the street and see an old woman coming towards your direction with a bag full of groceries with some of them falling off without her knowing about it.

  • How do you feel?
    -Does your mind tell you something like; pick up the items and give them to her?
    -Does your mind say, just tell this woman and go your way?
    Or does your mind say, look the other way and stylishly ignore that because one of your fans might see you picking dirty items for a dirty old woman?
  • That’s your Conscience!


It is just few minutes to 8 p.m on Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat, the time for King’s Daughter’s fellowship.
But they are showing one interesting movie.
How do you feel?
-Does your mind tell you, don’t worry, you can always read up?

  • Do you abandon the film for God? Or damn the fellowship?
  • Did your mind say wait a little bit before appearing else they will tell you to usherin members and that will make you stay until the end.
  • That’s your Conscience!


you have some beautiful clothes you are no longer using.
-Does your mind say, .take them outside and burn them or throw them away?
-Does your mind say, give it to your younger ones, your cousins, your neighbours, church people or take it to an orphanage?

That’s your Conscience!



This is the voice in your head and the feeling in your heart that tells you if something is right or wrong.
-lt is the inner guide and it helps you figure out how to make good choices.
-Whenever you do something you know isn’t ok and you feel uncomfortable in your heart….. #That’s your Conscience!#

Build up your character and conscience by-commitment, sacrifice, love, truthfulness, hard work, tolerance, forgiveness etc.

*Be conscious of yourself, environment and people around you.
*Do not allow yourself to be influenced negatively.
*Don’t accumulate negative attitude.
*Don’t try to impress anyone, try to impress God and do His will.
-Because, Whether good or bad people will still talk about you.

-If dance in the church, they wil say, this person is doing notice me 😀

  • lf you wear good clothes, they will say, she is squandering her husband’s money,
    That she is too proud, she shows off too much…🙄😏😲
    -lf you laugh with your partner, they get jealous and gossip about you.

People will surely classify and crucify you, but God will qualify you….so hold on to God and look up to him.


At times, people hate you when they can’t bring you to their level, or when you do not behave the way they do.

Many times, people judge and crucify what you do, not that THEY ARE WRONG BUT BECAUSE THEY can’t do that…and can’t measure up with you.…but wait until they learn and get to your level or know how to do it…….they will do even more than you have done.😱😜🤣🙆

If l may ask, Why the negative and unnecessary competitions in this world?
Why can’t people concentrate on their own and build it?🙅🤷

This Era / world we are into right now seems to be an Era/world of ‘make believe, a plastic surgery’, a world that is full of packaging and managing, smiles and open relationships but dirty and full of hatred inside.
Do not get attracted by those fascinating and distracting write-up’s and pictures you see on people’s faces, on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagrams, Twitter’s and other social networks.
We should be very careful about what people say or advice us to do….many of those things are fake and make believe, and most times, they will not actually do half of those things they persuade us to do. Some people instigate quarrels between people but go behind them to make peace. They are only sign posts not destination.
Focus on your destination…which is our lord Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of our Faith (Heb 12:2), He is the way, the truth and the life ( Jn 14:6.)

Never be intimidated by the success of people.
The fact that you are “HERE” doesn’t mean you can’t be “THERE.
The only difference is the ‘T’ which stands for “TIME”.

  • So be patient and remain focused*.

If you are undergoing any challenges, focus on God not social network, not friends (because they might even be happy that such happened to you…do not despise them either, but put your whole trust and focus on God, hear from Him, take advice from Him, emulate Him).

If the Blessings delays, wait for it, it will surely come and it will not be late…Habk 2:3

-Why will your character change once there is a little challenge?
-Why will you walk away once there is a test of Faith?

  1. Lack of knowledge: – Hosea 4:6…. Always say to your soul, ‘ My Redeemer liveth. I shall not die but live to testify the goodness of the Lord”. It can never be beyond God.
  1. Lack of Faith: – your faith inshould take you through tough times. Miracles does not need many words…faith and spoken word can do the magic…1Tim 1:6-7, 2kgs 5:17-18, 2cor 11:23, 1col 1:24. God is real. He can do for you what man cannot do for you. He is with you.
  2. Comparison: – don’t compare because you don’t know the situation or story line. Just be patient with yourself and with one another Eccle 6:4-6. Don’t judge. If you compare yourself with others, you can never be happy, contended or productive. Stick to your path and be grateful to God for His mercies…prefer Christ .

..How grateful are you?
-Are you grateful for the little things God has done for you?
– Are you grateful that you are a wife/husband irrespective of your imperfections and shortcomings?
– Are you grateful for the gift of children even if yours are yet to come?
– Are you grateful for having parents even if they are not alive?
– Are you grateful that you are born?
* Gratefulness is proper. Let us not withhold acts of gratefulness to God.
-Be grateful

A woman of good character and conscience knows that God will promote her at the right time; she doesn’t need to manipulate her way to the top or lie, cheat or bring others down to get what she wants. She knows that God is her source and He will supply all her needs according to his riches in glory (Phi 4:19).

Yes, God wants you to have wealth via money, and does not want riches and wealth to have you. Be contented and seek everything through the right means and you will enjoy peace of mind.
Train your mind to believe positively. Think high…both poverty and riches are the offspring of thoughts. If you expect the best, you will get the best…and vice versa. (Mk 9:23).

  • Try not to become not only a woman of success but rather try harder to become a woman of many VIRTUES.

A beautiful person who does not have a good Character is like a finished house that is not painted……Your Character is your beauty.

What impressions do you pass across with the character you exhibit?
What message is your character spreading?

  • Keep your character Clean, Open and Godly by:-
  1. Putting on the New man.- Eph 4:24.
  2. Putting on Tender Mercies.
  3. Putting on Kindness.
  4. Putting on Meekness.
  5. Putting on Humbleness of mind.
  6. Putting on Gentle & Quiet Spirit-1 Peter 3:4.
  7. Putting on Cloak of Humility-1 Peter 5:5.
  8. By Beautifying yourself.:- True beauty is internal. It is enhanced by Spiritual Growth (2 Cor 4:16). It is a matter of the heart (1 Pet 3:3-4).- As you mantain your physical look, do even more to your inner character. Beauty is also external- Your external appearance is a mirror of what is happening or not happening on the inside:- 1 Pet. 3:4.
  • It is good to arrive at any event looking slightly better than others rather than slightly worse than others. Bless people with your appearance.

Your character is your destiny. If the enemy is able to cause disorder in your character, you will lose your destiny.

Many Christians are suffering today because of character disorder.
When one focuses on the wrong things, it will lead to character disorder.

In Churches today, there are some wrong things about people but if you focus on them, you will get lost. Some people are in the house of God, but the house of God is not in them. They come to church and sleep throughout , but when they watch Television, they remain wide awake… It is Character Disorder!

If you come to church and all you want to see is the man of God or people that dressed very well, then you have started on a deficit..That is Character Disorder!

You have character disorder when you:-

  1. Become a victim of your past.
  2. Neglect to help others
  3. Become Prideful as a result of your accomplishments.
  4. Are defined by the opinions of others.
  5. Repeat past mistakes.
  6. Confuse the past with the present and with the future.
  7. Settle for less than God’s best.
  8. Live in false humility.
  9. Allow anyone to dishonour the Spirit of God in their lives.
  • Someone once said that “A friend of my enemy is my enemy”…but that is a fatal lie.
    A friend of your enemy is not necessarily your enemy. It depends on intentions and contributions. God can use your enemy’s friend to bless you.
    If you must hate people (though is wrong to hate), hate them alone. Don’t recruit people to hate them with you.
    Don’t inherit other people’s enemy as loyalty to them. It’s total lack of education and enlightenment.
    The greatest proof of your education is in how you respond to people whose opinions are different from yours.
    Do not join the multitude/majority to hate someone. You may realize that the person has no offence…..why not stand out? Why not be the one to resolve the issue. Be a peacemaker.(Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God Math5 9″.
    There are some people that your Spirit will always irritate their demons and once they realize that hating you isn’t working (probably because you are paying them good for evil and bearing suffering with joy🤣😀😂), );they start telling and spreading lies about you.
  • When they can’t kill your dreams and purpose, they will try to assassinate your character.

Character Assassination is very destructive and unfortunately, it is found everywhere via, family, church, workplace, Neighbourhood, village, meetings, among friends, peer groups, etc.
Please, do no assassinate people’s character, don’t talk about them until you get to hear and discuss with them.

-Some people seek friendship by destroying others, forgetting that, ‘’those who destroy others in order to succeed must have destruction awaiting them at the peak of their own success’’
-Some people seek friendship by criticizing some people and when they can’t get what they want from you, they either cut you off, spread lies against you and recruit others to hate you.

  • Do not let anyone brainwash you to hate someone who has not offended you. Make use of your brain and say NO to malicious Gossip.
  • Stop disliking people or taking hasty conclusions just from what others told you about them. Find out things for yourself. Confirm first and get to know people for yourself.
    The things you say about others say a lot about you and you know what, one day, the truth must surely be heard. Yes, it might take time, but surely it will come. What will be your fate then for painting one black? There will be no Trust and Respect again.

Let’s not kill that tiny voice in us that always warns us of the dangers of bad character.
Always listen to your conscience.

Evangelize through your *Actions, *Words and Deeds and you will see positive impact it will make on you, your family, your children and your generations yet to come.
Let the mention of your name give Grace and Favour to your children.
Most importantly, know that is your *Character not your reputation,
*encountering/experiencing God not talking about God,

  • Being Christ-Like, not answering Christian,
    *Living out virtues, not vices
  • Leading by example/Actions not by Voice
    ….etc….are the things that will take you to Heaven

Heaven is a place of Love.
Yes, Temptations are here and there to make one conform to the trending/worldly standard
But , Stand Firm, Be Bold, and continue to fan to flame till Jesus comes.
His Grace is Sufficient for you.
So, do not be afraid, don’t be dismayed…
For He who goes with you is bigger and stronger and He is by your side in this Heavenly Race to give you an expected end in Jesus name…Amen.

God bless .

…by Akudo Mgbemere



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