The whole world is in a state of turmoil.

Everybody is washing their hands, avoiding crowds, maintaining social distance, wearing face/nose masks, etc.

There is panic and confusion everywhere. Factories have shut down, Transportations are stopped, Airport Borders are closed, people are indoors, streets are scanty and like grave yard,etc.
Suddenly, the attention of the world is focussed on the health care systems (doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers).
Doctors and nurses are now more relevant and trending more than any other professions.
The world is looking for an end to this CORONA VIRUS pandemic.
The confidence of the world is shaken. COVID-19 has taken over all the news headlines of the day.

Many have died while others are at the point of death.
Many are still hospitalized.
Many are in self isolation/quarantine.
A lot of cases are yet to be identified and treated.

Oh man, what is thy fate?
All that is currently happening has shown the limits of human power, technology and the need to cleave onto Jesus.

Acknowledgement of the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for our redemption empowers us to live a life free from this deadly virus. Our determination or strong will cannot keep us from this disease. The love of Jesus will.

As Christians, our attitude and comportment in a time like this should be different from the way of the world, i.e., not giving in to discouragement, despondency, worry or fear. Rather we should cast all your worries, cares and challenges unto God the author and finisher of our faith, the one who never fails, the only doctor who can treat a corona virus patient without wearing mask or hand gloves and yet will neither be infected nor die. He is the Ultimate Supreme God. He cares for you (1pet 5:7)
He still has control over this terrible and difficult situation. He is able to give us succor, uphold us and make us victorious over this Covid-19.

Therefore, we should not worry so much about how deadly the virus is.
We should not focus too much on the people that have lost their lives, but mediate on how great our God is. Turn to Jesus and have full Trust in Him. (Ps. 56:3). God is not unaware of the situation that is shaking the whole world.

It is easy to take things for granted when everything is going fine. At that time, God’s mercies and Goodness are overlooked.

In a time like this, what does it prepare us for?
The unfortunate reality is that despite the glaring signs and warnings, many are still not prepared to amend their ways and live a decent life. How ready are we if this moment were to be our last? The clock is ticking, time is fast running out, the Angels are getting ready.
We should not be taken unawares.
Embrace Christ today.
We should not neglect the warning signs.

Hear this child of God,
COVID-19 is not static. It is subject to change. It is a passer-by and its end is near. God is doing something. Do not loose hope yet. Wait on God.
The God who spared your life to see the dawn of this year, will lead you on.
Cheer up for the one who owns tomorrow is by your side. He will deliver you.
To the whole world, l tell you, ALL WILL BE WELL AGAIN.
God will see us through. Remain blessed.


Akudo Mgbemere

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