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Some times l wonder why there are too much sufferings in this world, why people have hatred towards their fellow human beings as if they caused their misfortunes or disappointments in life.

It beats my imagination why man cannot live happily and enjoy the good things of life, why people who should be movers, shakers and achievers are reduced to wimps, whiners and those who are mysteriously held or chained.

Life is very short and so ought to be lived happily. The way we came is also the way we will go.

The purpose of God’s creation is for man to enjoy and not to suffer, for man to help him perfect his work of creation. However, man rebelled against God due to ignorance of God’s purpose thereby missing out on the authority bestowed on him. This led to his loosing his place of glory in the garden to earth. Instead of being a ruler, man was ruled. He worshipped trees, stars, moons, rivers, fellow human beings etc.,

When l ponder on these difficulties of life, l discover that man is the bone of contention. He lost sight and subsequently his way and needs to get back to his former state.

Today, many want to attain the greatest height without passing through or taking the right steps. For instance, one cannot get to the 3rd floor of a three storey building without first getting to the first floor and second floors.
You cannot jump or fly to the third just because you are in a haste, No! Even the lift will still start from the first to the final floor.

Life has it’s steps too. Only when you discover the steps and follow them will you attain that greatest height and enjoy life without much tears, stress and worries.

Some of these steps are grouped into five
1. Be a Co-Creator
2. Know your Ability and use it well.
3. Have a good family up-bringing.
4. No Cross, No Crown, No Pain, No Gain
5. Cleave to God

Akudo Mgbemere

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