THE FALL OF MAN….. before COVID-19


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Man was created sinless though capable of sinning or transgressing against the creator. It is a tragedy, a betrayal and a painful thing that inspite of all the good plans God had for man, he still failed.

After the creation of man in the book of Gen. 2:8-9, God kept man in the garden of Eden where all kinds of good things were, and amidst all these was a tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God commanded Adam to eat all the fruits in the garden except the tree of knowledge of good and evil and said that the day he eats of this fruit, he will die.

Adam agreed and adhered to the instructions until one day…

A day came, Adam was admiring the garden and the animals. He noticed that each animal had a companion. To each animal, he saw male and female both large and small. Then, he asked himself, “where is my own companion, the female?”

God being everywhere and all knowing, saw the mind of man and noticed that he was alone and lonely inspite of his position in the garden.

In view of this, God said, ” lt is not good for a man to be alone. I will make a helpmate for him. Gen 2:18″. Then, out of Adam, Eve was made. Life still went very well for them, fulfilling God’s mission and enjoying the good things of life….until that day of ruin and degradations…😢😭😭

That day of fear, pandemic, virus, that engulfed the whole world. It brought about total lockdown, compulsory stay at home, massive death, economic melt down, despair, hopelessness, etc.

With our present situation with Covid-19, people fear one another and are afraid of going out. Prices of goods especially foodstuff have increased astronomically. Washing of hands, wearing face masks, sanitizing of hands became the order of the day. Coughing, sneezing, cold which used to be a mild or minor sickness have now became a huge suspect for CORONA VIRUS. …could this be “3rd World War”?

One cannot cough anyhow without being looked at with one eye. Before this pandemic began, people from abroad, the rich and prominent are respected and admired. But this Virus have distorted every thing such that the high and mighty are now dreaded.

Nobody from abroad now makes mouth again with the usually slogan, ” I’m just returning from US, UK”, ‘l based in Germany, Spain, Italy”, “My Container is coming from China”, etc. Say it and be isolated. Cough anyhow and you will be Quarantined.

The fall of man, oh, What a great disappointment! It brought about many calamities, sorrows, pains, and loss. Man was tempted and he fell.🙆

How….? 🤷What happened….?🤷

Satan was not happy with the position man had and so vowed to interfere such that the good plans made for man by God will be a flop.

Seeing that he will not get Adam easily, he waited until Eve was alone. Satan (in form of a serpent), then went straight to Eve and deceived her by making her eat the forbidden fruit. It has remained a mystery to humans why Eve’s eyes did not open when she ate her own fruit until her husband returned and ate his and their eyes were simultaneously opened and they noticed they were naked (Gen 3.).                                         Oh, what a Devastating Fall!
Satan deceived man and lured man into worship of idols, objects, animals, Stones etc.                                  Lesbianism, Incest, Bestality, prostitution, murder, fornication, Adultery, Abortions, killings, family crisis, rituals, poisoning, kidnapping, suicide and other atrocities have damaged the world today.                        Is it possible that the consequence of  these is in the form of COVID-19?😱😳😲😩😫

Oh, that the Lord visits you today, harden not your heart.
Let’s have a change of heart. A change of attitude, a change of life.
Get a new heart which Jesus will love to dwell.
A heart free from envy, jealousy, hatred and wickedness.
The Lord is on His way. May He meet you pure and ready.

I pray for a total cleansing and rescue from this horrible virus that have ravaged the whole world.

Lord, for the sake of your sorrowful passion, the thorns on your head, the beatings, the falling for 3 times, your death……HAVE MERCY / PITY ON US AND THAT OF THE WHOLE WORLD😭😭😭.

(In memory of the agony of COVID-19)



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