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After the fall of man, he was left spiritually fleeced, materially finished, psychologically maimed, socially wrecked and economically bankrupt.

Then, l heard a voice of the Lord saying, ” Whom shall l send? And who will go for us? (Is 6:8)”
God is deeply touched with the state of man all over the world at this moment. He knows about the deaths. He is aware of the sick in the hospitals. The people who He created are in pains, agony, quarantined isolated and in total lockdown 😭😭😭.

There is trouble, weeping, wailing, sorrows and mournings on Earth. No more freedom of movement. No more fellowships or religious gatherings, no more school. There is absolute silence in the world today. God is moved with the quietness and sufferings of man. He has began the redemption of man from this COVID-19 so that joy, glory, praise, freedom, etc. will reign again.
He is restoring the Glory of our world.
And then, Jesus said, “Here am l, send me (ls. 6:8)” to atone for their sins. To bear their guilt and shame. To remove this curse and to bless them again. To restore peace among men.
And then, He dropped His Divinity, took up Humanity by allowing Himself to be born by a virgin (Mary), nurtured by her and Joseph. He allowed Himself to take the cup of suffering. He was bruised, crowned with thorns, flogged, abused, insulted, spatted upon, nailed to the cross and finally, sentenced to death😭😭😭. (Is. 53:5)
Yes, sin came through one man (Adam) and it is also through one man (Jesus) that Salvation came. Jesus has come to redeem the whole world from Coranavirus. His arrival will change the world’s situation.
He will take away our wretchedness and give us Hope, turn our sorrows into joy, curses into blessings, tears into cheers, impossiblities into possibilities, disappointments into appointments, failures into success, sheer efforts and fatigue into love, pessimism into good sense of humor, anxiety into calm spirit, quick anger into patience, meanness into kindness, selfishness into selflessness, addictive behaviour into self control and will turn Coranavirus into CROWNING VICTORY.

There will be Good health Care systems, Job Opportunities, New innovations, more births, Abundance etc.
He will close the sinful world and open A GLORIOUS PARADISE FOR US🎉🎊🤹💃😇
Dear Friend, sin is very deceptive. It is very destructive.
What will that mundane identity profit us? The sin of Injustice we put on throne, the end of it is shame and disgrace…. for there’s a way that seem right but the end thereof is death (Prov. 4:12, 16:25).
Jesus is the only one that can guarantee our life and give us peace of mind. When Jesus comes into our life, we will be changed and our lives will be sanctified and purified.

Jesus is here today. He has come to heal the land, heal the sick and restore those afflicted with Coranavirus. This is the END OF COVID-19. Praise the Lord!🎻🎹🎼🎊🤸👏💯💃.

(Giving Hope & Wishing the world a better tomorrow🙏😄❤️❤️❤️)



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