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Many times parents tell me it’s not possible to just talk to Children calmly without yelling because they will not hear.

🎯My response : “You have wired them/raised them to respond to only yells and shouts”.

There is no such thing as a perfect child, they all fight with their siblings, ignore their chores, or upset you in one way or the other.
I often say a child must be a child is your Job to remain an Adult too.

Children perceive shouting as a threat to their sense of security, safety and confidence. Long term exposure to shouting can result in fear, anxiety, stress, insomnia, developmental delays, behavioral problem, academic issues, social difficulties, emotional issues and thwarted coping skills … Sihweil

🎯Yelling can be as bad as physical Abuse!

The problem with yelling is that what comes with it compounds the problem. It’s not just the loud voice that has an impact, it’s also the body language and the actual words used (which could be critical, Insulting or sarcastic)

Shouting is largely ineffective!! It doesn’t get the message across because the children are often times too busy defending themselves and totally miss the point.

Now don’t get me wrong, we are all humans and sometimes we slip, but Intentionality makes you understand when you do you should fix it. Because occasional shouting won’t have any major long term effects, especially when you fix it!

Just know that Shouting is like a human fire alarm, so use it with caution and only when there is danger, Stop misusing it! Talk to your child calmly they will hear you.

If you want to raise a child with strength and coping mechanisms use Firm, Calm and compassionate tone. This allows the child’s brain to remain open and learn. Research has shown When there is adrenaline for fear of being shouted at, theirs is limited thinking capacity.

🎯Ditch yelling for good.

Be Intentional.

©Wendy Ologe, Parent Coach & Author

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