Side effects of Mobile phones in today’s marriages


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Mr. Husband and wife were at home

A male friend visited Mr. Husband

Later, they decided to see another friend in the neighborhood and used Mr Husband friend’s car

Wife realised that Mr. Husband forgot to take his phone with him

She searched her husband’s phone (in their characteristic manner😜)

Wow! Bisi (side chick) sent a message to Mr. Husband; *hello darling, I have really missed you. Are we seeing tomorrow?*

Wife became maaaaadddd!

She got really craaaazyyyy!

She smashed the phone to the wall 💥

Still not satisfied…

She looked around, breathing heavily

She picked a 4×4 plank…

…broke the TV in the room upstairs

Rushed to the sitting room and broke the TV, the chandelier and other expensive decorations in the living room upstairs

She rushed🏃‍♀ downstairs like a mad dog 🐕

…and smashed the large smart TV , home theater and other valuables with the plank

Uhhhhhhh! She kept shouting and breathing heavily at the same time

She ran into the compound…

Destroyed Mr. Husband’s 2 cars (an SUV and a Camry) completely🙆‍♂😳

…the windscreen, side mirrors, all the lights were completely shattered😭😱

Mr Husband and friend came in at that point in time (after the deed has been done)

They grabbed her…

She was still shouting like a lunatic

Ahhhhh ehhhh leave me alone, Leave me alone…

She was tied and taken to the nearest police station

A police team came in to take pictures and videos

Mr. Husband called wife’s family to go and see their daughter at the police station

Her family bailed her and headed to Mr. Husband’s house

They saw the magnitude of what she did and pleaded seriously…

…mabinu, kò ní se béè mó ( don’t be annoyed, she won’t do that again)

Mr Husband smiled😊 and said “I will take her back on 1 condition”.

His wife and family should replace everything she destroyed in 1 month.

They begged seriously but Mr Husband said No!!!

They took their daughter away…

One month, Two months, 3 months, wife’s family could not replace the destroyed properties and his wife was still with them

Mr Husband headed to court and with the overwhelming evidences from the police, the marriage was dissolved.😡😡😡

One month after, Mr Husband married Bisi (side chick😁)

Bisi is now driving Ex madam’s car

Bisi is now enjoying where she did not sow

Honestly, Bisi is calm and beautiful💋

Bisi gave birth to twins for Mr Husband. Two lovely boys…

Bisi is a happy woman today because her husband’s phone is an abomination to her😎

Mrs. Ex-wife became a single mother of 2

She is sad…
Always looking sad
*Ó mà se o!* (What a pity)

Whenever people ask Mrs ex-wife why she’s a single mother, she keeps saying *“oloriburuku ni okunrin’* (men are unfortunate beings) he left me and the children for his side chick

When asked further *“what did you do to deserve such treatment?”* …

She starts crying and sobbing😭😭😭

*“I didn’t do anything. I suffered with him. He just threw us out just like that”*

Some of her foolish sympathisers would say, *Men are the same… Oloriburuku ni gbogbo won*


The Big question is,


Ans; anger, stupidity, infertility, caused be searching *Mobile phone*😃

If you want to have a happy home, desist from searching your husband’s phones.

– Anger is natural but the true test of maturity is how you manage your anger.

– When you fail to manage your anger properly, you are unwittingly handing your life to be controlled by the Devil 😈.

– Benji anger is short  madness and like you added at periods of anger the devil is control.

– To manage one’s anger is like a mad man managing his behaviour when he is already in a state of disorientation.

-That woman who delights in seeing the husband suffer in preventable situations should be sent back to her parents since even in marriage her money belongs to her solely while the husband’s  money belongs to both.



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