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My neighbour is a hard working, low income person who works as a clerk in a court while driving his car as taxi in the evenings to earn extra income.

His wife is a petty trader who is not doing too badly but loves to put pressure on the man! She always believed she belonged to a “higher” class than their level of living. Always demanding things that are not needed.

Anyway, one day she fell seriously ill and had to be operated upon after already spending two weeks on admission in the hospital.

The poor husband had spent over N300,000 before the need for operation came up. Now he had to cough out another N84,000! He had nothing, he ran from pillar to post. His wife was dying, he was confused!!

After a delay of two days without being able to raise money, he decided to use his car as a collateral to get loan for his wife’s operation. As he was preparing to leave his room, his car keys fell underneath the bed. While trying to search for it, he noticed a bulge at the bottom part of the mattress. On searching it, he discovered N250,000 carefully hidden INSIDE the mattress!!!!

So his wife had money at home all this while that he was running helter skelter! The woman didn’t even pity herself! Chei!!

Anyway, the man carefully removed the money; paid the outstanding hospital bill (N84,000) without telling his wife the source of the money!!!

Then, he used N32,000 to purchase a new mattress and burnt the old mattress in the room.

He then prepared 4 different pots of soup and stored them in the fridge awaiting his wife’s return home. He pocketed the balance jejely!

A week later the woman was discharged after a successful operation. When she got home, she immediately noticed the new mattress on their bed.

On asking about the old mattress, the man explained to her that there were a lot of insects disturbing the old mattress so he burnt it and bought a new one!

Even his children confirmed that they even helped their father burn the mattress.

It has been over 6 weeks and the women is still crying whenever you see her! Ask her what is causing her tears, she will say “the place they did the operation is still paining her”.

The husband too has kept quiet since! Abi, if na you wetin you go do?😀


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