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Dont be surprised that someone greatest need at the moment is a pair of bathroom Slippers! Yes, you heard me right!

I was once stranded in Sabo Ondo State and all i needed was N100 to get to my destination, the man who eventually helped me out looked like an angel!

Some few years back a man in Suit at “Ikeja Along” bus stop walked up to me and begged me for N100 to board bus back home, i gave him N200 instead. He almost ran mad, next he prostrated in his suit with eyes laden with tears of joy… I was apparently shocked because I was wondering how on earth could N200 bring so much joy to somebody…

Friends, when duty calls and its within your capacity to meet the needs of others, please do it… IT IS A PRIVILEGE… God can use any other person but he choose to use you. You don’t need to ask too many questions…

I have heard someone say, how could someone at this age and time not able to afford N500! I can only smile… If you have ever been through the valleys of life, you will understand that nothing in this world is too small to become a need. My prayer is that you will not be brought to shame in Life.

If you have to meet a need, don’t ask too many questions, don’t become the critics of the recipient (coming to ask for help in itself is a harrowing experience), dont become a counsellor suddenly except you are fully persuaded in your heart to do so. Don’t get irritated doing it…

The blessed giver is he who gives cheerfully… not grudgingly. Dont say why would somebody be in need of Such… Go ahead and do what you need to do if you can, and thank God for the priviledge to be in position to help

*Hear this…*

Every need you are privileged to meet is a divine ransom for your own soul… You could have been made to trade places and you could have been the one needing the help… The more reason you need to thank God for every privilege to help… No matter how trivial.

And don’t ever trivialize someone’s else’s need. Every man’s burden is peculiar to him. Your own waste might be another man’s weight. Be wise to know that a burden is a burden however small.

A friend once told me that he stopped meeting needs because most men are ingrates… That seems very logical, but you know what…?

_*You don’t need men’s Gratitude but God’s divine return… Because he who gives to the poor lends to the Lord… And when God repays you, he pays you back unquantifiably, because He never ever owes any man*_

Keep meeting needs, it is your surest insurance against lack and insufficiency…

*Reach out to someone in need today…and always!!!*




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