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No man can destroy the church

The moment Jesus died and rose from death, the unbreakable foundation of the church was laid

Kill *_ALL BISHOPS_* , the church will move forward.
Crucify *__ALL_ _THE_* *_PRIESTS_*, it won’t shake the foundation of the church.
Behead *_EVERY CHURCH TEACHERS_* , more dangerous Apostles will surface immediately
Pull down all the *__CHURCH__* *_BUILDINGS_* , men will gather under a tree, and still deal with the devil
Because the *_church_* is bigger than the building you are seeing.
Kill all the *_missionaries_* in your city, more dangerous missionaries will sprout
Shutdown the churches for a whole *_generation_* , men will still be on fire.
You don’t know what you are dealing with.
They killed *_STEPHEN_* thinking the church will scatter, the church grew even stronger.
They apprehended and killed *_JAMES_* , thinking the church will fold, it didn’t shake the walls of the church.
They crucified *_PETER_* , beheaded *_PAUL_* , *_TIMOTHY_* and others took over and the church still move forward.
The church has always been under attack, instigated in the spirit, executed by men, but it can’t be shut down.
King Nero fed his hungry lions with the body of *_CHRISTIANS_* , yet he died but the church is still standing strong.
Every foundation of every house is beneath, but the foundation of the *_CHURCH_* is above.
If you can destroy *_JESUS_* , then you can destroy the church.
The moment they said we should stay at home, we changed the strategy of worship and started setting our houses and neighboring houses on fire.
Fire is burning in many Christian houses, go and check for yourself.
Many streets are now on fire produced in the houses.
The gates of hell will not prevail against the church.

Akudo Mgbemere

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