What do you know about your child’s best friend?


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▪Do you know that even the most trusted friend can be used by the devil to give your family a deadly blow?
▪Are you sure the people you call your family friends share the same values with your own family? Are you sure they teach their own children same things you teach yours? What of their religious beliefs and practices, because I have come to understand that some families believe one thing and practice another?
▪When you are talking to your children and educating them on the issues of life, do you make it a point of duty to include their friends in the teachings?
▪When was the last time you checked the call log and chats/messages on your child’s phone?
▪Have you ever thought of organizing an in-house training/discussion on basic life issues like sexuality, friendship, academic excellence, and the likes for your children and their friends? Even if you cannot handle it by yourself you can get some people who are good in such areas to help you.
▪Do you agree with me that your own children are not safe until every other child out there is safe?
▪ Do you, from time to time, find out the state of the relationship between your children and their close friends?
▪Apart from your children, who are the other friends kept by their close friends? This is because the friend of our friend is also our friend.
▪Do you know that the fact that you are a child of God does not make your family totally immune to some of the pains other families are passing through?
▪Do you know that you may be sincerely wrong to trust some unproven friends?
▪Is there any reason under heaven why you should allow your daughter to be very close and relaxed with a young man without any measure of fear or suspicion?
▪Are you aware that sexual hormones do not know who is a sibling or a friend?
▪Do you know that at times boys can use their association with your son to get at your girls and vice versa?
▪ Am I wrong to say that none of my children should entertain their friends inside their room? Every friend must stay and be entertained in the living room, irrespective of who they are.

Don’t allow too much confidence on your child’s friend to rubbish all that you have built for years.

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