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*I Can’t Say Sorry for Nothing*
*Son*: Dad, I want to get married
*Dad*: First, Tell me you are sorry
*Son*: For what?🀷
*Dad*: Say sorry
*Son*: But for what? What did I do?
*Dad*: Just say sorry
*Son*: But, What have I done wrong?
*Dad*: I said, say sorry
*Son*: Why?
*Dad*: Say Sorry!!
*Son*: Please. Just tell me why?!
*Dad*: Say sorry.
*Son*: OK Dad, I am sorry
*Dad*: Uhun.. You’ve just qualified for Marriage.
*πŸ‘‰When U Learn 2 Say Sorry 4 No Reason At All*
then u’re ready 2 get married!
πŸ”ΉI can never forget this, It was in Rev Omar Pela’s Church.
He told a story of how on a particular morning,
his wife stormed into d room with a moody look on her face. Being a gentleman, he asked, Sweetheart what’s wrong? She said, Nothing!
(U know when a lady tells u..nothing. irk!).
So He impressed further, U don’t sound fine dear.. She replied, I said I’m fine! He said at that moment he tried to replay in his head, if
there was any misunderstanding previously. He couldn’t remember any. So, not to cause any
tension at all he decided to continue his study in church office.
As he picked the car keys to leave, the wife blurted.. So you are going to leave without showing concern or care?
He said at that point he was angry & shouted. Did I not ask you? Wat else do u want me to do. So he slammed the door and left.
On getting to the car downstairs, about to start the car.. The Holy spirit asked him, if someone
passes by now and mistakenly hit his leg on a stone, what would you say? He replied, I will tell the person sorry.
The Holy spirit asked again, did
u cause d person to hit his/her leg on the stone?
He said No! Then why would u say sorry for what u didn’t cause?
He said instantly he got d message d *Holy Spirit* was trying to pass across.
*That u don’t have to be d cause to say Sorry.*
So he got back upstairs, his wife looking at him angrily..
Then he said, *Sweetheart I’m sorry*.
She just wrapped her arm around him and sobs.
What a wonder! He said he was left speechless and wondering..
πŸ”΄*Dear friends, Stop justifying yourself. Can you just tell Him/Her you are sorry even if it was your*Partner’s Fault?*
I am Sorry can make that
Relationship work!
πŸ”Έ*Note* This is not Meant for ONLY MEN. Women Included.
✳️*Let Us Learn To Forgive each other*
Because, In life. We disagree to agree. And Every Misunderstanding Opens our eyes to Understand Each Other Better.. Cheers.!!!



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