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Never break the pot that once gave you water.

Never bite the hands that once fed you.

Never despise the home that once gave you shelter.

Never punch holes in the umbrella that once gave you cover.

Never insult the breasts that once gave you pleasure. And never malign the church that once gave you fire.

If, for now, you have outgrown their usefulness, leave them intact, go quietly and honorably. For it may be the time and season of breakthrough for others also. Be careful how you close a door.

Never ever bang it, you may need to walk through that same door tomorrow….

Most times what people did for you may look like nothing because you are prosperous now but as at the time they did it for you, it was the only chance you have at crossing over. Pride, arrogance, ingratitude and wicked heart can be the only reason, be careful God is not finished with people you are bigger than today, it takes one connection, one knock, one favour and one opportunity for anybody story to be rewritten. .

When ever I hear someone say what’s the big deal, is it because of that little help? Excuse me? I can pay you back in 100 fold now, I usually shake my head because that’s the reason the world is the way it is today, people have short memory span gratitude and appreciation of good but have long memory span for offence and wrong done to them.

(Hon. Amb. Buzopat Adadioramma)



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