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A movie theater announced that an 8-minute movie won the title of Best Short Film in the World.

So, it was decided to display this movie in the cinema for free, so that the largest crowd could gather to watch it.

The movie began with a snapshot of a room ceiling that is devoid of any decoration and of any details, just a white ceiling…

3 minutes passed without the camera moving and it did not move to any other scene, or any other part of the ceiling in the same room.

Another 3 minutes passed without the camera moving and without changing the scene.

After 6 boring minutes, the viewers started grumbling. Some of them were about to leave the theater hall. And some of them objected to the officials of the house because they wasted their time watching a ceiling.

Suddenly, before the majority became concerned and started to leave, the camera lens slowly moved onto a wall without any details either until it reached down towards the floor.

There a child appeared on a bed, who seems to be totally handicapped due to the spinal cord tear in his little body…

The camera slowly moved to the side of the handicap bed, showing a wheelchair without a back.

The camera moved to the boring location of the ceiling again. This time it displayed a sentence: “We showed you only 8 minutes of this child’s daily activity, only 8 minutes from the scene that this handicapped child watches all the hours of his life, and you complained and weren’t patient for only six minutes, you couldn’t bear to watch it…
So know the value of every second of your life that you spend in wellness, and thank God for every blessing bestowed on you, and you will not feel its existence unless you lose it.”

We suffer from quarantine and the curfew, which is, God willing, for a limited time. There are millions who live their entire lives in quarantine…

Covid-19 has possibly made some of us take time to think about our many privileges.
Many are our blessings, most of which are taken for granted…


Akudo Mgbemere

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