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* Think well before you talk, it can easily hurt your brother’s feelings.

* Think well before taking Hasty actions, you may regret at last for doing so.

* Think well before admitting false gossips, it may not last and will reflect back to you.

*Think well before going to Fortune tellers, they may lead you to ruin.

* Think well before choosing boy / girl friends, they can easily rob off your life or put paid to your education and relationships with others.

* Think well before choosing future partner, for a wrong choice is the cause of broken homes.

* Think well before you preach, for your preaching will be judged in your character.

*Think well before you play, a play may lead to fighting.

* Think well before you dance, it may be a tune of death.

* Think well before cursing or insulting someone, for it may hinder your success and can affect your being promoted to a higher rank at work

* Think well before solving mathematics problems for you may miss the formulas or the simple arithmetic quotes.

Finally, THINK WELL before you do anything in life so as to live long on Earth.
Remain blessed.

Akudo Mgbemere

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