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This is because the parents are no longer real. They show a perfect situation, that they never made mistakes in their time.

The question is…..how can the parents correct someone without having such experience?

These children are very sensitive, they are more exposed than their parents and this makes them not to believe them or take their corrections.

What surprises me is that,
* All of the parents suddenly took the first positions in their classes. Haba!

* All of them were all virgins when they married.

* All of them never had boy friends while growing up. They were all virgins

* All of them were saints and never did any wrong.

* They were all sanctimonious.

– With all these pretence and cover-ups, the children do not believe their parents anymore.

You cannot change the children by presenting a very perfect past.

Many parents pretend a lot and children do not like it.

👉 If all parents came 1st position in their classes ( as they make their children to believe). So, who took the last postion?
Who and who then came last in their classes and are bold and open enough to tell their children?

If you don’t tell them your mistakes, how do you want to correct them.

Tell them the truth and how to go about it with the word of God.

I used to correct my husband most of the time…….I tell him, that you are a pastor now does not mean that your children must be pastors o. Allow them. But, he wants them to be perfect without errors….he presents a very perfect childhood.

My own mother told me that she made a mistake and that she doesn’t want me to do same, So I learned from it, it helped me a lot.

It depends on how you present it.
Let them know that you too were not perfect that time but you listened to your parents and changed.

Please say it and do things with wisdom so that you don’t cause more harm than good

For you to bring out the best in your children, you need to tell them the truth.
They need to know those ugly past, you need to expose them to your mistakes.
They need to know those mischievous deeds, they will learn from it.
It will make them to know that if mummy or Daddy went through all that and still became successful, they will be better.

The problem is that, parents tend to condemn more rather than they encourage.

Those children need our encouragement. Even when they err, correct but don’t condemn.

You as a parent ought to pray more now than ever. Hand it over to God.*

I used to condemn too much before but when I realised my mistake, I tried to make amends and it is yielding result now.

I made so much mistake in presenting a perfect past until the Holy Spirit arrested me.
I now tell them the way it happened and they respect and trust me more now.

I want you to know that children will always be children, know that they can never become adults overnight.

Wisdom is needed in handling these children in order not to spoil the whole thing

All children are not the same. Learn and manage them very well.
Take it easy on them. Admonish them when and where necessary and you will see them loving and obeying you.

Remember, Condemnation has a negative effects on children.
Desist from that and encourage them more.
God bless you🙏.

(Pst. Emelda lgbokwe)



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