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With all the challenges of the times,fatherhood has also been taken to a new dimension.

The plumber that was working for me (some months back)kept asking what the time was.
When I realized why he was asking…I gave another nod to the whole new dimension that men of our time have taken fatherhood to.

He was asking because he needed to go pick his kids from school.
Same routine in the mornings!
It didn’t matter that he has a wife who was less busy.

I still smile at the thought of a brother of mine, whose teenage daughter was nicknamed “Omo,get inside” by her class mates… because she wasn’t permitted to leave school if neither of her parents has come for her.
Same man…hasn’t failed to say a bedtime prayer with his family in the moments I observed his journey as a family man.

The sights that usually greet one on a typical school day haven’t failed to leave smile on my face.
…the fathers doing school run.
Some by foot. Others through “Keke and Okada” and the ones in their cars.

Today, I simply choose to celebrate the men who realize that fatherhood is a function of RESPONSIBILITY. And nothing more.

In our time… “school run” was a privilege of those in certain economic class.

As a matter of fact…NONSENSE is for Papa to still catch you in the house at anytime past 7am!
Whether you don’t know the way to your school o…you will soon say. 🤣

This is an age that is throwing all sorts of daggers at fatherhood.
…having to convince a slay wify that not having “yahoo yahoo’ money ‘ is NOT laziness.
…subjecting your poor ears to tales you can neither make a tail nor head of but told it’s a love language
…dodging the “net” of side chics,when body nor be wood o.
…letting a Nigerian wife win the argument that Dangote is your fellow man without two heads and four hands🤣😂

For all these and more…I say THE LORD IS YOUR STRENGTH.
The times are not soft on fatherhood but rise to the occasion…you MUST.
Fatherhood is an evidence of God’s TRUST in you.


Happy Father’s Day to all the Fathers here. May God bless you all and perfect all that concerns you.
Many more prosperous years ahead 🙏🙏🙏🎻🥁🎺🍾❤️❤️❤️

…. celebrating all father’s❤️❤️❤️

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