Select the right people to travel with you in your journey of life at all times and make your life sweeter.

Many friends tend to betray or abandon one in times of need.

Many stirs up negative & unhealthy competitions with you….if they cannot be ahead of you, they tell others to bring you down to their level or forcefully pull you down (through gossips, bad counsel, staining yoir image, false accusations, etc).

Beware of your so called FRIENDS for they may be your greatest enemies tomorrow.

Be careful of what you discuss with people, it might be used against you tomorrow.

Some people,  in front of you, they praise you and you feel they are real, but unknown to you, they are those who seek your downfall.

When the relationship gets sour the person will use your weak points / weaknesses which you discussed with him / her when you were still friends to destroy you tomorrow.

So sit down and think about it, for this saying ” *Good friends are really hard to find”* has a deeper meaning.

May God deliver us from these wolves in sheep clothing (unfriendly friends).

And May you teach us how to be a good friend that sticks closer than a brother.

One that will lift us and shows us the path to Heaven which is our last bus stop


Akudo Mgbemere

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