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I am a man aged 35. I discovered that my long time best friend was dating my wife.
I have all the evidence .

She is 25 years old. We got married and had a white weeding  last year in April. My best friend is 45 .

My friend of over 15 years has been seeing my wife behind my back. I found out about it last year December.

My good friend was always exchanging messages and nude pictures with my wife on WhatsApp.
I hacked my wife’s phone and thats how l discovered what was happening between them🙆‍♂️ .
I dont want to lie guys,  this broke my heart💔💘😭😢

I trusted my friend and took him as my own brother. When l found out l decided not to ask them. Instead I made a desicion to act as if l dont know anything. I wanted to revenge 😰

My feelings towards my wife changed. I just started acting up and l no longer treat her as l did before . With my friend I am pretending as if all is well .

For my revenge I decided to look for my friends daughter who happens to be a student in one of the Universities close by to my residence. She is 19 years old 🤫.

I approached her with the intent of dating her. After a while of trying, I succeeded in having her as my friend and now we have been dating. I’m so happy because l actually succeeded.

The best part is l have been sleeping with her with no protection 😱.
We recently discovered she is now pregnant🤰.

The issue now is she has fallen in love with me to the extent of saying she wants me to marry her. As for me l dont have a problem with that🙄.

As it is I’m waiting for the day they will discover that she is pregnant and we exchange l take his daughter and he takes my wife🤷‍♂️👌.


What do you think would have led to the wife befriending her husband’s best friend?

👉(You can write your answer(s)  in the comment box. Thanks)

Before then,  let’s look at the following possible reasons:-

1. Unforgiveness
2. Revenge
3. Too much closeness to opposite sex.
4. Lack of   communication
5. Trust issues
6. Lack of love
7. Jealousy
8. Confidant

UNFORGIVENESS : Failure to resolve the differences quickly will create malice, bitterness, and hatred…these three are strong enemies of a healthy, happy Marriage.

REVENGE :  This destroys a marriage. Forgiveness is the key to peace and harmony in a family.

TOO MUCH CLOSENESS TO OPPOSITE SEX : On no account should a wife or husband be too close to opposite sex especially when it is not from your family.
Too much closeness brings about little intimacy and attraction that might grow over night.
Let your partner be the one you are too closed to.

LACK OF COMMUNICATION : This was really lacking in this story above.
Even if the friend made passes at the wife, she would have spoken to the husband about it if that communication was there and all this would not have happened. Again, the husband could not speak to the wife after he found out due to lack of communication, he hacked the wife’s phone due to lack of communication and trust.
When couples keep certain informations from each other for whatever reason, they create grounds for suspicions.
Even the tiniest of secrets closes off a part of a spouse.
Please be mindful that immediately you stop communicating, the marriage starts dying

TRUST ISSUES: Lack of trust leads to suspicion, anger, quarrels, enemity and may result to separation if care is not taken.

LACK OF LOVE: A happy home is only possible when you treat your husband / wife the  way you would want to be treated – with love, care and respect.  Realize that while your spouse has faults and shortcomings, you too have.
The reasons you fell in love and married him /  her are still there, just that you buried it with lack of love and attention.
Women at times behave like children. They love attention too much and when the attention is not given to them,  they tend  to love whosoever that has their time.
In this story, the wife loved the husband but the husband didn’t have her time.
This is the reason we must pray consistently because there is a thin line between love and hate.
Lack of attention / lnsensitivity generates pain, bitterness and dejection in a home. And when this happens and persists, the marriage is at the risk of collapsing.
On no account should you be so much engrossed with your Activities that you can no longer see or meet the needs of your spouse. Be attentive, Be sensitive.

JEALOUSY: Are you  jealous of others? What happened in this story  is one of the things jealousy can do. Desist from it. Be contented with whatever you have.

CONFIDANT:  Don’t ever make a man / woman aside your partner your confidant. Emotions can rise up….a shoulder to lean on.


👉 Remember to share your own answer / reasons (by writing in the comment box) what you think could have made  the woman to defile her marriage.

Thanks for reading.



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