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My husband loves me so much and I am still in this marriage because of the great love my husband has for me otherwise he would have divorced me a long time ago as advised him by his people .

Its my 20 years in marriage without a single child . We had done all manner of tests and nothing was found .
“Its always , there is no problem with you people, go and keep praying …”

Last year my husband travelled to Canada and was delayed from coming back due to the lockdown because of the pandemic.

I was lonely and was deceived by a friend 😭 .

We were very close then in our school days ….he is good in maths and I was good in English so he is first in maths and I am, in English .
That was how we became fond of ourselves…

I don’t really go out but due to the loneliness how I visited him was so surprise to me 🤷‍♀️.

I got married a virgin and I am not this sex fricky person and so one thing led to the other and…

It’s been two months now and I havn’t seen my period and the test I ran yesterday said I am two months pregnant🤰🙆‍♀️🤦‍♀️ …….

I had planned on commiting suicide or abort the baby but I don’t know how I can just watch my baby being flushed !

This may be the end of my marriage if my husband finds out .

I have not told my friend what has happened .
I remember I told him to use condom but at a time I said nothing will happen because it has not happened for the past 20 years .

My husband will be back late May or early days in June .

What do I do now before he comes back ?

▪️What exactly does she need to do now before her husband comes back ?

▪️What do you think could have led to this shameful act?

▪️Who should she tell first? … Her husband or her boyfriend?

▪️Should the woman abort the baby? … murder?

▪️But what of the shame and disgrace?

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Meanwhile, let’s look at the following:

* This is pure work of the devil and she allowed it.

* Maybe Some bad friends must have told her that a woman can’t stay even a month without a man … Lie from the pity of Hell.


🔹Be careful the way you trust your friends so much.

🔹The devil can use anybody…..please be on alert spiritually…..watch and pray.

🔹Guide your heart diligently.
– Be cautious.
– Don’t be overspiritual not to be careful.

🔹The word is WISDOM.  – Be as humble as a dove and wise as a serpent,  that’s what the word of God says.
– A prudent woman takes charge of her house. She builds her home,  she’s very smart,  she’s trustworthy.

🔻She may have thought is one of those times she will do and nothing will enter.
– The Devil played a fast one on her and rubbished all the time she has been faithful and  waited patiently 😢

🔹It can happen to anyone. …. That calls for – SPIRITUAL SENSITIVITY
– KEEPING BUSY … Idleness is the devil’s workshop.

🔹 keep off from bad friends.

🔹 Don’t put God to Test.
– Even Bishops can fall when they lean on their strength alone.

🔹 Stand on Christ the Solid Rock.

▪️As for what she should do:- Love conquers all, she should tell her husband what has happened.
– Abortion is not an option.
– And how is she even sure that the child is not her husband’s child? … She might have taken in before the husband travelled.  So she should keep the baby even though  she made a great mistake  by visiting a male friend and believing nothing will happen.
– She put herself to the test.

* The truth will set her free. And the truth must be told as fast as possible before her husband notices it on her or hears it from outside…. That might be disastrous.

*The lesson here is…..*

1. Be careful of what you do behind closed doors and whom you sit with.

2. Be careful of former relationships because old firewood dey catch fire easily.

3. Be watchful when you are lonely and mind your thoughts.

4. Be careful of your company in your loneliness.

🙏 Please, stay safe ……

🔻 If you have been doing this kind of evil act
BE CAREFUL and better stop today, else, One day you may jump and fall.

🙏May God deliver us from unforseen and unprepared circumstances.
…And lead us not into Temptations 🙏


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Akudo Mgbemere

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