Always pause and think before taking Action.

 Always pause and think before taking Action.

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Last week was my birthday🎂🍾.

My wife didn’t wish me ‘Happy Birthday’.

My parents forgot and so did my kids.

l went to work….Even my colleagues didn’t wish me.

As l entered my office my secretary said, “Happy Birthday Boss”.….l felt so special for a moment. She asked me out for lunch.
After lunch, she invited me to her apartment.
WE went there.
She said, “Do you mind if l go into the bedroom for a minute?
“Okay”, l said.
She came out 5 minutes later with a cake and
* My Wife
* My Parents
* My Kids
* My Friends and
* My Colleagues.


And l was waiting on the sofa…… NAKED ….. Waiting to fulfill the kindness from my secretary !!!
🙆🏾🙆🏾🙆🏾🙆🏾 .


👉If you are the wife, what will you do?

👉If you are the husband, what answer will you give to save the situation?
… how do you handle the whole situation to maintain your respect from your family members, colleagues and friends?


🔹Been nice to you doesn’t mean someone is interested in you.

🔹Pause for a moment and reflect before taking Action.


Akudo Mgbemere

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