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A certain full fledged educated man was an accountant in a very reputable organization. He had three children, two daughters and a son. He was very wealthy.

Every year, this man travels abroad on a vacation with his family and spends millions of naira just for fun and enjoyment. His son was 11 years old when he traveled the first time with his family.

The second year when his father was preparing them for another vacation overseas, the boy now 12 years old, told his father that he won’t go with them😲.

Why son? The dad asked.
I don’t feel like going dad…the son responded.

Dad!!! How much will it cost for my vacation? N1.4million ….his dad answered.

The boy said, “Dad!!! I’m not going, open an account for me and put the money there”πŸ™†β€β™‚οΈ.

Why son?… and where did you get that thought from?
for what? … Dad askedπŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Well Dad, when I grow up, I would travel abroad as much as I want, so, why travel every year when I can still travel in the future and before then I would have saved more than enough for myself….? The son protested.

Fine!!! Said his Dad.

The third year, the boy refused to travel with them and his money was credited into his account.

The forth year, the same happened.

The 5th year, the story changed. His Father said, I can’t pay N1.4million in your account this time but the boy told his father, please let’s negotiate, how much will you afford? N500K, his father thundered.

Dad!!! Please Don’t shout at me, give me N750K please…..the Son pleaded. Agreed!!! His Dad nodded off.

After 14yrs that his family has been travelling abroad, a problem aroused in his Father’s Office which made his father go bankrupt and his father was in desperate need of N5MILLION to solve the problem and to secure his job.

Even his wife couldn’t help as she was used to spending on everything.

The two daughters were spoiled brats who ate anything they wanted.

The father became depressed and frustrated, then, the boy walked to him, Dad, what’s the matter?

The Dad narrated everything to him, and the boy said, Dad, give me your account details, by then, the boy’s account was about N11.6MILLION.

The boy quickly made a transfer of N7MILLION into his Father’s bank account.

The father almost fainted.

The mother, in great confusion questioned the boy where he got all the money from?

The boy simply asked his mom, how many years have you been travelling abroad up and down? The mother said, 14yrs.

Then, the boy said, I saved my own money for travelling abroad for 14yrs.

The mother knelt down and said, OOOH my lovely son.

The Father said, ney, he’s my own loving son, the blood of my blood.

The mother said, Yes!!! He is your blood but I trained him.

When the boy graduated from the College, his father made all efforts to secure a good Job for him in a well reputable organization.


Train your children to be an asset and not a liability.

We should no longer live in a world whereby, children will graduate from the University and still depend on their parents for a meal.

Parents!!! Your Children are watching you and 40% of their characters will be what they have learned from you.

I repeat…. Train them in the time of plenty, when the unimaginable scarcity comes, they will be of help to you.

Train them very well.


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