The knowledge you have over something, do you think it was your making? Why do people seem to blame others who do not meet opportunity to succeed, they say it’s because they don’t work hard, some say they don’t have the right connection, some say they are bewitched, some say they are naive, some say they don’t know God….one point after another.

You, the gifted, how have you used those gifts to help others succeed, you accumulate so much money to your account and command so much respect with your status yet you can’t help another stand to his feet.

You are brilliant in your class but you can’t teach others, you want to pass alone.

You are rich but you don’t want to show others how to get rich, when robbery comes, they come knocking at your door. If everyone is satisfied to an extent, would there be excessive bank robbery and home thefts?

You can sing but you are shy to sing for God.

Tomorrow when you had gone, what legacy was left behind by you? Do you think those gifts were for you alone to gain fame and prosper?..NO!!! Those scientific discoveries, songs, teachings, information are for the broken hearted, less informed and less privileged.

Wake up friends, don’t be in the world like Cain (a wanderer), don’t be swallowed by fear of bad people like Jonah (Ended up in the valley of a shark) and don’t leave this world Nicodemusly (hiding).

Align yourselves now for the manifestation of God’s glory.

(My name is Chikawhite)
▪️I’m a balanced woman of God
▪️I’m God’s leading Lady.

….🙏thanks baby sis❤️

Chika Onyena

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