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Lessons to learn from Coronavirus pandemic/Lockdown

1 . We have learnt that husband are more important than pillow. It’s funny? But it’s the truth.

2 .  I learnt that there’s wisdom in saving, no matter how little and not to rely on one source of income.

Coronavirus taught me never to invest all my money in one business. The business can be grounded anytime. I need to save some for unforeseen circumstances.

3 . Coronavirus makes me know that marrying the wrong person could spell doom for anyone, regardless of how innocent, truthful, honest or gifted.

It taught me that a peaceful home can survive any storm.

4 . I have learnt that one can cook without meat. It’s not important to waste too much money on fish and meat again.

5 . I have learnt that God hears us anywhere we pray.

6 . More, it taught me to be more humble because everything in life is a privilege, just the grace of God sustains us.

It is now that I realised that moving about, working and receiving monthly salaries are rare privileges from God.

I learnt that God has been the one sustaining me, not my job.

7 . This has also taught me how to get closer to God. We all need more of God’s presence in our lives.

8 . I learnt that it will be me and me on the judgement day, no one can save nor love me like God.

9 . I will always expect the unexpected at anytime. Now I know that anything can happen anytime without anyone knowing about it.

10 . With the lockdown, I understand that the correctional centre is not a place to be. I imagined how inmates feel. I sensd the trauma they are going through being isolated for long.

11 . I know better that God is the President of the whole world.

12 . Now I know that I can not die if I don’t watch football, go to bars, clubs and others.13 . I have learnt that running to other countries of the world may not be the solution sometimes. Many Nigerians ran back home during the pandemic. Those who would have travelled for medical tourism cannot do that this time.

14. I got to confirm that God can end every life in the blink of an eye.

15 . Now I know that your success is dependent on your intimacy with God first, not the prophet you run to always.

16 . It is now self-evident that those things we neglect are basically what we need in life.

We have learnt that food is more important than clothes, shoes and other material things.
I realized that having a house is more important than buying a car. Since I was taught economics, COVID-19 just brought into real-life practice, the essence of SHELTER as one of the basic and if not, the most essential of the basic necessities of life.

Having a decent roof over your head is very important.

Sleep is the most important aspect of this lockdown and only a decent roof over your head can assure that.

I have learnt that some things are not life essentials and we don’t need them to make a happy life. You can think of those things yourself.

17 . I learnt that we don’t need to waste our money on burials, weddings, parties and others. We can do these events without any noise.

18 . I’ve also learnt there is always a better way to do things well than the ways we’ve been doing it.

19 . I have learnt that whatever God want to do for you cannot be stopped by any circumstances, many things were achieved even in the midst of pandemic

20. Above all, I have learnt to appreciate God the more. Listen, those affected by Coronavirus didn’t offend God, and me not having it, is not by my power, it is by the mercy and grace of Almighty God.

May God deliver us from our enemies, evil spirits and evil deeds.

May God arise and heal the world😢🙏.



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