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Hurray, akudoblog is a year old today🥁🎺🍾💃🎬🎼.

See how time flies. Looking back to our little beginnings, little struggles, and little successes.

I can’t thank God enough for the far we have gone.

I thank Him for the great things He has done through this blog.

I thank Him for the people this blog has inspired, encouraged and given hope🙇‍♀️🙇‍♂️

This blog will continue to live to fulfill God’s purpose by discussing matters of good life and putting endless smiles on people’s faces.

🙏I pray to God to continue to  endow  me with more wisdom, knowledge, good health, strength and multiple blessings as l continue to enlighten people through this unique, helpful and inspiring blog.

Words are inadequate to express my profound and heartfelt gratitude towards you all (my blog followers, readers, family and friends).

Akudoblog now has 63 WordPress followers from different countries of the world, 4 Email followers, making it a total of 67 followers in one year🥁💃🍾.

Oh, it can only be God.🙇‍♂️🙇‍♀️🙏

To you all, l say a very big thank you for believing in me and  for encouraging me daily through your comments and likes and for ignoring my ‘silly mistakes’ sometimes😃.

To my fellow bloggers, keep up the good job👍.
Your works have been of tremendous help and encouragement to me.
Your crusade through paper and pen is highly commendable👏.
Surely, you are writing your names on the sands of history.
Posterity will not forget you.

🔹To be successful, you must pay the price of persistence.
For persistence empowers purpose.
Persistence is the power that produces amazing achievements.

Let’s continue to do all the good we can
By all the means we can
In all the ways we can
In all the places we can
At all the times we can
In all the people we can
As long as ever we can
I wish you all even as l wish myself well.

I promise you all through God’s help that  akudoblog will continue to bring much happiness to you.

The latter years shall bring REMARKABLE ACHIEVEMENTS AND PROGRESS on this blog, through God that strengthens me, AMEN🙏

🥁Congratulations akudoblog💃
🍾Hearty cheers “Matters Of Good Life”.

Alles Gute!


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