We live in a World where the confident reign and the fearful are slaves.

Confidence occupies an unparalleled and matchless position in Man’s quest for excellence and exploits.

When a Man’s confidence is broken; automatically, his heart is broken and he becomes a broken and defeated person. This is because confidence commands authority.

Confidence is the secret/ force behind every breakthrough in life.
Hence, there is no greatness in life without the exhibition of confidence. It is the over Comer’s slogan, and the prime mover for exploits.

Every Man of exploits in the scripture was a man of outstanding confidence.
Confidence produces “great rewards” that make great Men (Heb 10 : 25).

Today, your confidence marks your deliverance and authority by God !!!

May you not cast away your confidence in the Lord which has a great recompence of reward, in Jesus precious name, Amen.


Akudo Mgbemere

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