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Welcome to the Generation of proud people

A Generation that can afford to lose a 1-3 years relationship just because of, I AM SORRY !

A Generation where a woman prefers to pack her belongings from her husband’s house back to her parents house rather than say, I AM SORRY!

A Generation where a man prefers to lose his marriage and keep his ego.

Welcome to the Generation where everyone is right.

A generation that never accepts to be wrong, a generation that knows it all.

A Generation that so much prides itself yet is full of ignorance of diplomatic ways to tolerate one another.

A Generation that prefers to argue for years rather than uttering the word, I AM SORRY !!!

Welcome to the Generation of faults shifting.

A Generation that claims right at all times and seek to judge others.

A Generation that only sees the bad in others and nothing bad about themselves.

A Generation that prefers to argue endlessly instead of saying, I AM SORRY!

Welcome to the Generation that celebrates selfishness.

A Generation that wants people to always apologize to them.

A Generation of self respect. They prefer to move on rather than sort out things with their partners and friends!

A Generation that will rather part ways with their friends and divine helpers than say I AM SORRY LET’S FORGET MY WRONG DOINGS.

A Generation so full of themselves.

A Generation that feels too big to say, I AM SORRY!!

Listen to the news and see how many people are stabbing their partners to death.

Marriage have crashed and once happy homes now become slaughter grounds all because we feel it is not worth saying, I AM SORRY !!!

Can you do me a favour by pronouncing, “I AM SORRY”

How did you feel when you pronounced it?

Did your name change?

Did your skin colour or height change?

Did you lose your wig or make up kit?

Did your Bank credit deplete when you said it?

Did your blood  reduce when you said it?

Or did you contract covid -19 when you said it!

Hmm, so why do you prefer to lose that beautiful lady /handsome guy because of pride?

Why do you prefer to lose that wonderful relationship, friendship and spiritual helper that God has given you?

Remember, pride goes before a fall.

Some people have lost their real spouses because it is hard for them to say, I AM SORRY…


Just say it countless time ok. And trust me nothing bad will happen when you say it rather, there will be RECONCILIATION .

There will be peace and happiness again.

Friendship will be restored and amazing things will start happening again.

God bless you as you learn how to say sorry in certain things whether is your fault or not.


Akudo Mgbemere

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