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Wives, learn to trust your husbands.

Sometimes your husband may come back home late and give you one reason you cannot find in any book,
Let love and trust prevail.

Imagine Jonah coming back after 3 days of absence, no phone call, no message, nothing, only to tell his wife he was swallowed by a fish and vomited after 3 days – just imagine how that sounded.

The wife will feel like breaking his head.

“Swallowed by fish, really?

Are you talking to a baby?

What an insult, lying to me as if I don’t have any brains? Which fish, mackerel or tilapia”?

Even if Jonah reported the issue to a pastor, the pastor will call him aside and say brother Jonah, why not pray against lying spirits.

Neighbors will shout “ahh madam, you don’t understand, the fish is another woman”. But between you and I, Jonah was telling the truth.

To Every Wife and Husband out there… TRUST IS POWERFUL!

It is a necessary tool for sustaining all relationships.



There are better ways to go about things that you are not sure of and still maintain peace and harmony in the home.

Soft words, the Bible says turneth away wrath, whereas, bitter words stir up anger.

Both wives and husband’s should learn to trust each other even when the handwriting on the wall says otherwise, still give room for Change. Make excuses for the person and wait to see if things will unfold and then you get a clearer picture of the whole thing. That will help you to make a right decision.

With love, trust is assured and deceit takes heels.

May God bless your home.

Have a trustful life!

Akudo Mgbemere

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