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He sat in COURT, holding his head in his hands and weeping quietly. Those around him looked at him in pity, and those who did not know the reason for this, wondered why a grown man was weeping openly.

For Mr. James Jackson, his life had just crumbled before him like a pack of cards.

“He who had two sons that were born on the same day, had suddenly become childless”.

Two years ago, the first of the twin was brutally murdered, while he was being inducted alongside others as a MEDICAL DOCTOR.

Today, the court sentenced his only surviving son and child to die, by the hangmanโ€™s noose.


He had pulled the trigger that sent his twin brother and only sibling to his untimely grave. He murdered his own BLOOD in cold BLOOD.

He had simply walked into the venue of the event, shot into the air to attract attention and walked over to where his brother was sitting.

Whilst the poor twin brother looked at him in shock and confusion, he shot him point blank in the head. The death was instant.

After committing this heinous act, he surrendered himself to the police. Before his arraignment and throughout the trial, he never denied the offence.

He only told a story that broke many hearts, but could not justify murder in the eyes of the law.

His brother had been the shining STAR of the FAMILY. Academically, he was brilliant and in the areas of SPORTS, he was a force to reckon with.
He excelled in everything he did, and was the kind of child every parent prayed for. Despite these qualities, he was QUIET and HUMBLE.

The convicted brother on the other hand was an average student, who had no interest in sports. His only area of excellence was DRAWING and PAINTING. He was an extrovert and a social butterfly.

It did not come as a surprise when the parents doted onย  the intelligent son and did all they could to make him happy. They were proud of him and flaunted his achievements at every available opportunity.

The convicted brother did not make any fuss, but did what he could to please his parents. His drawing skills also earned him awards but the parents were not impressed by this.

After their secondary school education, the intelligent son went on to study MEDICINE and the second was offered FINE ARTS.

One day, they had gone to school as usual but the convicted son came back to pick an item he forgot at home. There was nobody in sight when he walked into the house. However, he heard voices from his father’s study. The door was slightly open and he thought he should walk in and greet them.

That thought died when he saw that his parents were discussing with the family lawyer about drafting his father’s will. He stood still to eavesdrop, and what he heard shattered his heart to pieces.

His father had 6 choice properties and some pieces of land in the village. His brilliant brother was to get 4, his mother was to get 1 and he was to get 1 – the smallest among the properties.

When the lawyer protested the unfair sharing formula, his father stood his ground, and said the convicted brother ought to be happy with the house. He added that the house was to ensure that he had a place to lay his head while engaging in the unprofitable profession of DRAWING and PAINTING. His mother supported his father’s views.

The young man walked away with one thought in mind: he was going to cause his parents UNIMAGINABLE PAIN.

He pretended thatย  all was well, even while planning a revenge mission that was going to affect everyone around him.

3 years later, he got the perfect opportunity to carry out his plan. Immediately he heard that his brother had passed his final exams and was going to be inducted into the medical profession, he perfected his plan.

He did not attend the induction exercise on the ground that he was busy. But immediately after the induction exercise and whilst closing speeches were ongoing, he walked into the hall and shot his brother in the head.

The incident took place in the presence of more than a hundred people. Thus there was no means of escape.

In the course of the trial, their mother passed away as a result of heart break, and high blood pressure.

Today, he was sentenced to death, and their father was left to bear the consequences of his actions.

Children are gifts from God, but they come in different packages- different personalities, behaviours, IQ level etc.

Learn to accept them the way they are; build up their natural talent, help them acquire skills that will be of use in the future; teach them how to be better persons, but never show FAVOURITISM.

Equality, they say is EQUITY.

You cannot sow RIVALRY, and expect PEACE in your home.

There may be a facade of brotherliness, but one day, it will crack and the rot beneath will be exposed.

Don’t turn your family to a battle field, and then blame your enemies, village people or the worst culprit-ย  the devil.

Treat your children equally, and teach them to do same.
God will give us the wisdom to do the right thing.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ

what a pathetic Story๐Ÿ˜ญ
Thisย  is the Effects and dangers of FAVOURITISM, BITTERNESS , REVENGE and JEALOUSY….lt is very bad.

This can also happen in extended families,ย  in places of work, in schools, politics, among friends, etc where one is showed more love than others. It springs up jealousy. Let’s desist from that and care equally.

May the Lord help us to show equal love in Jesus name amen๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™




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