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Have you ever pondered how you were born, why you were born and to what purpose you were born into the family you’ve found yourself in?. We all love to celebrate our birthdays and have the best pictures displayed. We remember beautiful moments and enjoy sharing sweet experiences with others. We sing melodies and dance our happiness into satisfaction.

Life is a state that follows birth and precedes death. Little wonder why life goes on even after someone dies. The reason is that LIFE IS SPIRITUAL. People seem to back away from discussing the spiritual because they confuse the idea of spirituality with a belief system. Spiritual energy is both before beliefs and beyond beliefs. Without that gift, there would be no beliefs.

Life and Living is entirely spiritual.

Life is not scientific. No! Science is a borrowed system to help us interpret realities. Science is a system of logic that was borrowed and designed by men limited by their understanding to help us explain realities.

Life is not sociological. Our abilities to relate with one another is not from the system of sociology. Spirituality has everything contained in it to help us understand how and why we relate to things. The Spiritual realm always governs the physical realm. It does not only birth the physical realm, it governs it, controls it, maintains it and manipulates it.


Before now, many things have transpired in our lives individually and collectively. People killing people dying, Children hunting needless crying, injustice in our offices, societies and nation, extortion have rampaged us, immoralities have taken control over the innocence of our consciences, envy and jealousy are strong friends that hate goodness. We have embraced all these, yet we claim we are children of God. We don’t practice what we preach. The world was perfect but through the selfishness of man, our relationship with God was tampered. Human life is controlled from the realm of the spirit whether you know it or not. If things go well in that realm, everything will follow in the physical.

1) SPIRITUALITY OF MAN: Man is a spirit and because of that he must participate in the things of the spirit. To say man is spiritual is not ambiguous. There are clear spiritual standards, if they have been met, you are spiritual, if they have not been met, you are not spiritual. It is as simple as that.

2) SPIRITUALITY IN ANCIENT CULTURES: If you can recall or trace history, you will find out that they practise something extraordinary. They believe strongly in spirituality than physical. They have something in common that ordinary men do not have and for them to acquire that, they must become spiritual. That’s why you see them offer sacrifices over and over and over again without getting tired because they want to appease the gods they serve. Their maidens dance around the deity more than 100 times a day because they believe there is POWER OF CONSISTENCY. They won’t stop until the have met the mind of their gods. It is also something to wonder why the guy who wrote the best CV was not selected in a Job interview, what happened?

3) SPIRITUALITY IN THE CHURCH: Everything that is done in the house of God must be done from the start point of spiritual mindedness. They must be done under the influence of the anointing, otherwise it will jeopardise the atmosphere and will not allow the presence of God to find expression. If you are a cleaner, you must clean under the influence of anointing. If a keyboardist is playing, you will wonder how it is not edifying you. If a gentle camera man does not cover his video spiritually, you will be surprised at what interruption such carnality provides in the spirit. You see someone holding a mic, beautiful voice but you can’t tell why your spirit is resisting his/her voice, you love the song but there is no physical reason why you don’t like the voice. Nobody should serve in the house of God because he is talented. No! Talent only becomes useful when you are dealing with spiritual people. Do you think being spiritual is speaking in tongues or praying? You may pray everyday yet not spiritual. Everyone in David’s family was physically, mentally and sociologically fit to be anointed as a King but they were all refused until David emanated…God looked into his spirituality and saw greater things could be achieved if he’s been crowned.

4) SPIRITUALITY IN THE SOCIETY: Anybody that cannot capture the presence of God in their meeting is a sinner man. That meeting is a complete waste of time! Someone’s destiny is dependent on the spirituality of your service. That’s what can bring about transformation. It is not so much about the passion but the fire and glory that back up what you do will produce results. Do you think people’s progresses are as a result of your dutifulness, hard work and dedication? Do you also think just because you humiliate people and become unjust to them that they cannot prosper again? Life is Spiritual, it takes a greater power to go beyond the physical realm and put things in order.

5) SPIRITUALITY OF EVERYTHING: No life exists without a spiritual purpose whether good or bad. Hence for these good or bad to take place, it requires MAN (go back to 1). Everything has a life span. What can you achieve before the life span ends? Everything matters because God is everywhere. One may ask where is God when bad things happen?. The reason is we have failed to see God in every aspect. Can’t we turn around and change and call : Father(God), Father come and help us, send some guardians from above. And if God asks you now, WHERE IS THE LOVE? what could be your answer….

If you are a political leader, you need to have a change of view. Excellence can only be met when spirituality is in tact.
If you are a pastor or any religious leader, value spirituality more than talent, you need to pay the price of spirituality before you hold the mic. Give the people something. Their lives need inward transformation.
If you are just there without “public recognition”(referring to everyone that are different from the first two), it is not the longevity of your membership in church, society, office etc that determines your spirituality but the ability to transcend the purpose of God in that sphere of life you exist in.

In summary, every apostolic (whether you preach politics, religion, humanity,etc) minister must be able to transcend the divine revelation of God to his own generation. Then things can become better. But you must know that the mercy of God supersedes everything. Because his love is eternal, his mercy abides.

UWA NA-ESI USI (THE WORLD IS SMELLING)…without covering your nose to avoid inhaling the harsh and dangerous smell of evil, you may be squeezed out of life.
LIFE IS SPIRITUAL ..without being spiritual you can’t exist, that’s why you can sleep and wake up.
GOD IS LIFE…without Him, you will perish eternally

My name is Lady Chikawhite
I have a deep feeling that one day we shall rejoice
again in spite of what has been scientifically proven to be unremovable in our lives. Because: LIFE IS SPIRITUAL



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