The Lady: A private Garden

 The Lady: A private Garden

A lady thinking

Yes, the lady is a garden of love and a field of potentials and it is a field that is to be carefully planted. She is the place where hungers will be quenched. She is the place where rich soil will produce fertile food and lives are richer because of her. She is the focal point of those who love her and the absolute envy of those who don’t.

Have you ever tried entering a live garden, do you see how the shrubs and plants are well planted, there happens to be a tuned order and shape in the garden. Such a garden doesn’t need a wrestler ….but a perfect gardener who manages the garden and keeps it away from weeds.

When you make God your perfect gardener, nothing can stop you from being watered daily. The beautiful flowers you would produce would be rare to find.

My dear Lady, yes you are indeed a private garden ….stay unharmed by weeds and grow to the level that your generation would live to testify.

Be that Lady that no one can push you back into what you have prayed yourself out of.
Let Grace find you!!!


Chika Onyena

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