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To be diligent at work is to have perseverance when doing something.

Here, I am not referring to office work alone but to anything at all that could keep you busy.
And to persevere is not to be impatiently patient…..what do I mean…..some may never have come to understand they belong to the category of people who in their attempt or claim to be patient are still impatient to let something occur.

Within them they already feel they have enough patience to tolerate whatever comes their way but alas, they don’t know that even the best patience exhibited by them have been mirrored by others and thus reflecting as impatient patience.

Well, I hail this category but what about those who fail to be patient?
All they need is summary yet they ask a lot of questions.

If anyone cares to know about something, then they must learn to have patience.

Ponder on these two poems I sang during my secondary and primary school days:

I know a lot about YCS, I know a lot because I care.
I know, I know, the little I know I will never forget.

Did you realize something? Because I care, I will never forget all as a result of patience.

Good pictures are not made because the faces are beautiful but rather those taking the photographs and the photographer were very patient to let the camera focus before capturing.

Patience will help you to listen, to tolerate, to endure and to win.

Any woman who finds it difficult to be patient must pray to God to help her to become patient. Else, gradually you become wicked without your knowledge.
You would not notice it but others would tell better.

Patience can help you communicate better with someone who finds it difficult to summarize, or express himself.

Then communication will help you maintain an understanding of each other’s needs.
Negotiate your needs so that everyone wins.

Your job is to bring joy into each other’s life.
It is never bad if you ask someone, “How can I make your life better?” Just asking the question means a lot. The effect of that question makes the person feel loved and appreciated.

Patience is a good virtue. It makes one diligent.


Chika Onyena

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