No one, not even you, my dear reader is on this Earth by chance.
You are in this world for a PURPOSE and that PURPOSE, you must PROPOSE and IMPOSE on your daily ventures.

You must grow into a MOUNTAIN and not shrink into a grain of SAND… You must spring forth a FOUNTAIN and never compromise on the dry LAND.

Your POTENTIAL is the key to becoming INFLUENTIAL… Therefore, strain it until you become the best MATERIAL.

Believe it or not, you have been TESTING only a small portion of your brain and FLEXING only a paltry amount of your muscles, when there are many MORE to EXPLORE!

Put your skills, your mind, your heart and body to a maximum use, otherwise they will STAGNATE, DETERIORATE and become LATE!

You have the ability to accomplish far more than you have done and the miracle that produced you, should not end in the WOMB, but must be extended to your deeds and even to the TOMB.

You are the finest product of a thousand years of EVOLUTION and you are the most powerful to put up a success REVOLUTION… the best equiped and most favoured to be the BEST among the REST.

Stop being satisfied with yesterday’s ACCOMPLISHMENT… They are rather too SMALL, but be motivated by tomorrow’s FULFILMENT and hearken to the CALL!

In the words of THOMAS EDISON;
“Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you a failure”



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