In our society today, many have fallen victims of so many problems, failures, disappointments, rejections, etc, because they want to be like this person or that person and in quest for a high position, money, fame, status, follwers, they tend to reject the small jobs given to them, thereby missing an opportunity to make it big.

Hear this, everybody in life has a unique talent which is quite different from the other person. God so created man that he put in every man a gift, an ability, conscious and wisdom that is good so that nobody will see himself/herself as superior or inferior to the other.

But some have failed to discover what their talent can do for them. They prefer to beg, prefer borrowing to working or putting their talent to use to earn. It wasn’t so with Linus the cultural dancer in the story below:


Linus was a cultural dancer. He had a son who was very sick and needed an urgent medical attention.

He needed N90,000 to treat his sick child. But he had no means of getting such a huge amount of money. So, he decided to have a stage dance to raise the fund, since he can dance very well.

He designed a flyer and started sharing it around his neighbourhood during the day, while reharsing his dance routine in the night.

His expectations were very high.


The stage was set and it was time for him to display what he knows best.

But to his greatest dissapointment, it was ONLY a small teenage boy who showed up for the event.

He was dismayed and very angry. Minutes later, he braced up and told himself, “I won’t back out, I must dance and give my best.”

Then, he started dancing.

He made sure he gave his best as rehearsed to the admiration of the boy.

After the show, the boy left and the man went home sorrowful, devastated and depressed.

His Status quo remained the same😭 and his Purpose defeated.


The following morning something surprising happened.

The only boy that showed up for the show was the son of a senator. He had always wanted to be a dancer and his father had approved it.

The boy had been charged with the responsibility to get a personal trainer and coach.

Unknown to the dancer, he was auditioning for a job.

The senator called the dancer and gave him a contract of N350,000 monthly salary to train his son with N150,000 upfront payment.



Always be the best of whom you are. Discover your hidden talent and put it use. Work hard , for greatness is not the work of magic. It is rather that of hardwork. And at times, greatness comes hidden in a small or downgrading job. At times, it comes from a nobody that will lead you to the top. So, do not look down on anybody or anything.

Sometimes, it looks like you are wasting your life when only few people show up for your event/program, business summits, engaged your post or buy your stuff.

No, you are not.

Always give it your best shot. See those few people as millions in your mind.

Don’t be discouraged from either doing it again or giving it your best.

You might actually be auditioning for the big stage.

You don’t audition with the crowd but with few people that will give you the big stage.

Keep giving it your best.

People will call you names and laugh at you.

But keep showing up better.

You are an inch closer to the big stage.

Do not underestimate anyone.

Clothes and appearances may be deceptive.

Look beyond the physical.

Do not loose hope when your efforts are not seen, when good deeds are not appreciated your kind gestures are abused. Still be yourself and keep doing your best.


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