Missing underwear

 Missing underwear

Photo by Designecologist on Pexels.com

The owner of an underwear making company was having a tough time with shortage in his factory.

At the end of work, all worker’s bags were searched and everything always seemed to be ok.

All security measures you can think of were put in place. Auditors were called in, but still no one was caught red handed with even a single underwear, yet stock continued to disappear.

All workers including management were on departure. Funny enough each worker was wearing just one underwear and no one was caught with more than one pair.
Then one day, a very Junior worker (the tea Girl) thought out of the box . She said, “Why not check people, as they come in, instead of when they go out?”

Her idea was funny and provoking to her boss, but her boss listened to her and the security officer was advised to check all staff on arrival.

He got the shock of his life when he found out that all the staff, including management had no underwear on them on arrival at work.
Today that ‘Tea Girl’ is the head of Innovation & Strategy at the factory and Associated Group of Companies!

Do things differently if you want a different result. Always stand out.

Don’t disregard people’s opinions no matter how small the person is.

Always give a listening ear to every conversation before condemning it. It can save you some fortunes.



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