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As Christians, we should be lights in our families. We should always lend a helping hand and help our family members to be independent.

Aside our families, we should also help people around us. We should be generous people, giving whatever we can whenever we can. That doesn’t relate to money alone. We can also give help, encouragement, time, talents and forgiveness.

This means we can’t let selfishness get in the way. A lot of people are stingy, clinging to what they have and afraid to give it up. Others aren’t stingy in their actions, but they are stingy in their hearts, giving because they feel obligated, not because they really want to.

But this isn’t the way God calls us to give. Second Corinthians 9:7 tells us, “God loves (He takes pleasure in, prizes above other things, and is unwilling to abandon or to do without) a cheerful (joyous, ‘prompt to do it’) giver [whose heart is in his giving].”

Every time God puts a fresh new idea in your heart or give you a dream, vision or new challenge for your life, remember it is also for the good of your family and people around you.

God constantly calls you to new levels. Some seem big and important; others seem relatively small or insignificant. Whatever the case, when you reach a new level with God, use that level for the glory of God and betterment of mankind.

A family where only one person is rich cannot do greater things. That family is still poor. Because all the expenses, helps, etc will be on one person. But when many are financially okay, then the burden will be lesser and problems are easily solved.

That is why the Bible says, do not give fish to someone all the time, but show him HOW to catch the fish.

A friend shared this story to me and it is a very good example of how to be a light in your family👇.

“AY is the superstar. He made his name known in the industry and he carried his brothers along.
He suffered at the beginning, but he was determined to be successful.

Yomi Makun is a fashion designer. All the clothes AY puts on, are always made by Yomi. During AY’s shows, he will keep mentioning his brother’s name and they will place samples of the clothes Yomi made on the stage.

With time, Yomi’s Casual clothes, became popular because of the help from his brother. Not only that, AY also linked him with Celebrities and other top rich people and business colleagues.

Sooner that later, people like Ramson Noah, RMD, IK ogbonna, Segun Arinze and many more, started showcasing Yomi’s Casual wears. Thus making his clothes not to be cheap again due to the popularity and the brand.
AY opened doors for his brother so he can be independent.
Now, Yomi Makun is one of the most popular fashion designers in NIGERIA.

Same thing goes to Lanre Makun. He is an event planner. AY made him popular too. He gave him the contract to plan his shows for him. He became a household name in event planning. With that, he started planning comedy shows for other comedians. He is living very well and independent. All thanks to his brother who showed him light.

The Makun brothers can move on convoy comfortably because none of them depend on each other for survival again.

Don’t be the only light in your family, because, lf the light, dies off no one can light it up?
Only your car can’t form convoy. Learn to assist. Be givers, using your resources the way God wants it.

When you give, please Give cheerfully. It pleases God. Those who give cheerfully are happy, fulfilled, and highly effective.

If you are determined to reach the new levels God is calling you to, then don’t give up in helping others attain that same height.

May God help us to make up our minds and purpose, to give generously and help bring light into our families to the glory of God, amen.



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