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Life gets too complicated, confusing and frustrating when one assumes that he is better than others, that people hate him or are competing with him. That others will succeed before him or will be richer than him.

You don’t have to compare yourself to anyone and worry what people think about you. Live life for God and be free to be who He made you to be. You should accept people who have different opinions and personal preferences than you. Know when your opinions aren’t more important than theirs.

The devil stays very busy assigning demons to place judgmental and critical thoughts in people’s minds. Some people find it entertaining to just sit in the park or the shopping mall and simply watch all the people go by as they formed a mental opinion of each of them, their clothing, hairstyles, companions and so on.

But the Bible says that it’s wrong to judge people this way. We cannot always prevent ourselves from having opinions, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but the moment we think there’s something wrong with other people because they don’t share our personal preferences, we have a problem with judging others.

When you think and talk about what is wrong with everyone else, you are usually deceived about your own conduct. Jesus commanded that we not concern ourselves with what is wrong with others when we have so much wrong with ourselves (see Matthew 7:3-5).

The Bible clearly tells us that when we judge others (by assuming that they are poor, dirty, unrighteous, gossip, cheat, etc), we often judge them for things that we also do!

The devil loves to keep us busy assuming negative things, thinking selfishly, treating loyal friends as unimportant, sowing words of strife in our families, and thinking negative thoughts about our friends, neighbours, bosses, priests of God, pastors, etc. The devil wants us to sow bad seed in every single relationship.

So many people behave this way and then wonder why people don’t like them or treat them the way they want to be treated. The answer is simple, they are reaping what they’ve sown!

You must sow excellence in order to reap an excellent harvest. We can’t expect excellent results in life when we don’t live a life of excellence. The Bible teaches us to develop diligence, steadfastness and determination, all of which will help us live lives of excellence.

God honors an attitude of excellence, devoid of negative assumptions. Choose to think positively and He will always work alongside you. Make excuses for people, be patient with people, their actions and moods and see how things will turn out better.

This story below, brought tears to my eyes. I got it from a friend and it explains more the disadvantage of assuming things.


A few days ago in the village, I went to an event, a house-warming ceremony.

When I entered the compound, I saw some village elders I knew sitting in one corner. I went up and started to greet them one after the other.

I shook their hands, even with the ones I didn’t know until I got to one man. I didn’t know him and when I extended my hand, he ignored it. After a few seconds, I withdrew the hand.

I felt very embarrassed and angry. Embarrassed for myself and angry at the man.

What was he feeling like, I thought. All those other men accepted my greeting, older men even. And to my knowledge, I hadn’t done anything wrong. I gave him a very scornful look, greeted the remaining men and went to take a seat.

Now, even after I sat down, I was still pissed. I kept stealing glances at the man to see how he would react to other people.

Then I saw it…

He was blind!!!ūüė≠

His eyes were open, but he couldn’t see at all! The other people who came to greet him had to touch him first, then take his hand if they wanted to shake hands with him.

Now my embarrassment level tripled. In addition to that, I felt stupid, very stupid. I was still angry, just angry at myself. I felt like that till I left the occasion.‚ÄĚ


Assumption kills like poison. Any small thing, we assume…

Someone doesn’t pick our calls, we assume he or she is avoiding us or is up to something‚Ķ

Someone doesn’t give us the money we asked for, we assume he or she is stingy and wicked‚Ķ

Once we are turned or rejected, we start assuming…

We don’t put into consideration what the other party might be going through.

The guy that promised you money might get into a financial situation a day before he’s supposed to give you the money.

The person that didn’t pick your call was probably in a meeting or too busy at that moment, or even sleeping. He might not be in the mood to take your call.

But we just assume instead…because it’s easier and it tends to make us the good guys…

Give someone benefit of the doubt. Make an excuse for that person……
It’s not always as it seems. So is our relationship with God, that unanswered prayer is not a no but a wait till the appropriate time. Don’t give up on Him, for He is working everything out for your good.

It’s true! We make excuses for our own behaviour, but when someone else does the same thing we do, we are often merciless.

I encourage you today to reverse the process, assume the best in others. Don’t let harmful judgments / assumptions grow in you. Instead, realize that God made everyone different and it’s ok for people to think differently.

May God help us to think good of others and stop incessant assumptions, Amen.


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