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Jesus is LOOKING AT US…..

When Jesus looks at you, what can he say about you?
A life without Jesus Christ is so empty!
Hence, we have problems with one another. We cherish those who celebrate us than those who smirk at us. No wonder we prefer to stand with the crowd, than standing alone with Jesus.

What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?
So many atrocities here and there. People are killing people. Many have died Just a few illness and the person is heard…..dead. A small car accident and people are recorded … gone so soon.

What could have resulted to such person’s death?
Why did the person die now?
Couldn’t that person wait more?
Where will such a soul be now?
Who would go after that soul, GOD or Devil?

Be Conscious

It’s a call to a conscious living. If I say conscious life, you may find it too difficult to adapt because, life encapsulates everything till the end and thinking of how possible it is to achieve this in this contemporary world could finally get you into not achieving it all. I chose to say conscious living because, living is a day by day life. It’s an every minute activity. Conscious living keeps you in check of what you do daily, even when you falter, it reminds you of your life style and behold you continue living.

Can someone understand that Jesus Christ wants me and you to love him with our heart. He wants us to live a life no one can snatch away…not sickness, not even death.

It’s not your making

If he calls you today, are you ready?
Your ability to survive an illness wasn’t your making or do you think it was the doctor’s prescription that kept you alive?
It’s not your knowledge that made you escape that ambush, neither is it your strength that makes you cross the road safely everyday with all those Motorcyclist (okada men) meandering here and there or the big vehicle brother(trailer) moving like robots without control….
It is not your sleeping early that makes you to wake up….

His Grace is Sufficient

Friend, it’s God’s GRACE. He loves us and that’s why he still keeps us. Please listen to me and let’s join hands to love God back…. stop the fight, stop the killing, stop the immorality, stop the pleasures, stop stop stop, and start a new life today….. Jesus loves you PERSONALLY…. Never you think you know it all… Psalm 118:8

Don’t abandon your family, friends and neighbours.. don’t always say your mind without minding what you say…. you can actually hurt someone with that careless speech from your mouth. How do you feel speaking harshly to someone yet blaming him for insulting you?

People easily look down on their fellow human being. They make them look small even when the person is grown. Mortification … people mortifying people…are you such? Please, you need a stop. People doing that do not know that even as they claim they have grown, they are the smallest before God. This is because, they don’t have WISDOM THAT SURPASSES KNOWLEDGE.

With the way people are dying, do we need a new preacher from heaven to tell us amend our ways…. we must not act like the rich man in the Bible who refused helping Lazarus.

He Cares

He set his eyes on us, Jesus is looking at us, my Lord is seated in his kingdom, he is seriously looking at us…..are we going to deny him? If you find a child of God, he/she would tell you they don’t want to be a fornicator, killer or a deceiver. Why? It is because they are afraid that Jesus is coming soon and they don’t want to perish. They have respect for salvation, loyalty for eternity and love for God.

My name is Immaculata Chikawhite.
I am sorry, it’s not my intention to cause fear, but to awaken every living soul to love God.



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