The journey to becoming a mature Christian who understands the way of the spirit is not something th weat happens in a twinkling of an eye. It actually takes quite a considerable length of time.

From one level of experiencing God to another, our preparedness is tested and readiness to accept his divine will. In the process, we grow spiritually.

God sometimes allows that which we as his children may consider to be bad to happen to us. This will lead to stirring up of mostly negative emotions in us.

As these things happen in our lives, we are initially unstable, but as we begin to learn to depend on God wholly, our emotional distress in times of difficulty/trouble will begin to improve.

Jesus gave us a very good example in the bible. When he was about to be crucified for our very own transgressions, he was highly distressed. As a human being at the time, Jesus felt pain and did not want to die. So, he prayed “Father take away this cup from me”.

Being in the nature of God and understanding why he had to die that way, he prayed “Not my will, but your will be done”.

Having a greater understanding of why he had to die, Christ persevered to the end and emerged victorious, fulfilled the reason why he came to the world. Just as Jesus was able to overcome the emotional trials in his time, we also can overcome trials provided we put our absolute trust in God.

Things whether good or bad happen to us for a reason. Our ability to understand this, is key to our overcoming trials and temptations in our lives. This will help us also to give glory to God when good things come our way.

We pray to God who knows why certain things happen to us as a person, to grant us the Grace to always say ‘Not my will but your will be done in our lives’.

May our faith in God continue to increase always so that we can trust Him absolutely. Amen


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