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Surely, there are moment in time when situations speak less of you, you can’t pretend enough. You feel you have lost them all or no good thing can emanate from you any longer. You look at yourself and shake your head in shame and begin to wonder if you were really yourself. Are there people in such situations or more like this?

Hear this, God’s words in 1 Corinthians 10:13 says that every test that you experience is the kind that normally comes to people. God keeps his promises. He will not allow you to be tested beyond your powers. So, remain firm in Him. When trials come, He will surely give you the strength to endure and provides you with a way out.

You are not too special to be tested,neither are you too holy to be tempted. If Jesus was tempted and he triumphed, surely you can, as long as you still believe in Him. What you should consider is to define the test or temptation, has it occurred before, has someone passed the test before, can you pass it?

My dear don’t think too far on issues pertaining test or temptation. Most times God allows you to face them to prove his superiority over things, and to make you rely on him for mercy. What you ought to do is to consider his love and temptations would be a sand you match upon.


Do not become angry or disappointed when those around you continue to place more and more weight on you. It is your responsibility to say when you have had enough. If you never say that they would think you don’t need it. Just know when to raise your hand and say “ENOUGH”. It is helpful to direct them on how to treat you.

Many times if a woman has been through a lot and brings a lot of history to the table, she may have trouble seeing herself as valuable. But hear me out, you must make a fresh start and see yourself as special. If you do not, history will just repeat itself. It is my prayer that your past does not harden you. Be refreshed so that you can resist the temptation to become a rock of indifference. There are men who are still attracted to something hardened.

A woman of excellence is not the toy that all men play with. A man knows the difference. His speech is modified by her presence . She is like a table marked, “RESERVED” and an exhibit marked, “LOOK, BUT DO NOT TOUCH”. Her words are far more glamorous than her clothes. Age cannot rob her, for she is far more than smooth skin and strong bones. But madam beware of life’s vampires. These are the bloodsucking situations that come into all of our lives. Do not allow them to rob you of the gleam in your eye and the hope in your heart. So, Beware of the wicked one and all of his tools that are against you. When God created woman in the book of Genesis, the very first prophecy is one that suggests that there will be war between her and satan forever.

Don’t get robbed

Many people are robbed. They are outwardly successful but inwardly impoverished. Life has robbed them of optimism. They trust no one again. They expect nothing and they are hard to convince. Can I tell you something please? Guard your heart but do not hide your face. God is not through with you, for you are his project. He has a plan for you. If you lose your optimism, the enemy has won. Place your hope in God. He will not allow the burglar to vandalize you again. Hide your heart in him. God will heal you until you are free to trust and love again. Know that the pain cannot steal what the Lord has promised.

In Closing

Men and women of our generation, It is time to recover all that has been lost.

Man fight like a soldier, Woman bear it like a woman in labor. Know that the pain will pass and the promise will be delivered.

Have the strength of a soldier.
The mind of a winner anf
Spirit of a conqueror

My name is Chikawhite
You can find God where His mercy and love rule


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