There are moments when situations cause us to jump into shaky prayers. Such prayers are done as a result of fear, troubles and despair. But there is this flow of anointing that flows from above when we pray irrespective of the situations we face. Such comes as a result of Love of God. The power of the Holy Spirit drives you to pray more. Have you ever tried praying without anyone asking you to, did you observe this wholeness, like you being enveloped by the power of God? It makes your inner man to stand courageous and fearless hoping for great things to occur.

Could there be another definition of prayer other than communicating with God? If it’s not God you are talking to/with, then who else? Do you think talking to someone human in nature makes you feel better? Who can vouch that there is someone here on earth that understands you better than God….is it your husband, wife, brother, sister, friend, neighbor, colleague, or a stranger? I don’t want to capitalize this NIGHT OF VISITATION AND VINDICATION with questions because I am pretty sure that God will bring that MORNING OF RESTORATION AND RECOVERY. But my dear, IT’S TIME TO PRAY!!!!.

Take your time

Take your time and watch these videos and realize that need to pray. The day you stop praying, your inner(spirit) man dies…I mean you become powerless. It’s time to create out 10 minutes to commune with God. At least start, the spirit will lead you further. Stop leaving your Bible unattended to, unvisited, so that it does not leave you helpless. Start with a part, it would make you grow. Is there anyone who cannot read or speak, lift up your Bible today, and the power of God will enable you.

There are different ways we also pray, our love for children should not depart from our hearts. When you claim to know so much or understand life better and yet fails to feel for another like a child does, then you are not praying. Shake off that pride in you and begin to pray by loving unconditionally like a child.

It’s better to pray than be pushed to pray so that you don’t pray out of fear. But then even if you do, God still answers prayers. Remember if you are not serving God then you need to ask yourself who do you serve?

Stop being only a church attendant . Be the Church yourself. Teach yourself the word of God and then don’t forsake the gathering of the brethren.


Find yourself a closet where you can best feel the presence of God. Don’t say there is no time. You can always say some prayers on your way to work or anywhere else. Your prayers will go a long way to save you and bring the face of God to shine upon you.


My name is Chikawhite.
The word of God is alive and active.

Chika Onyena

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