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A value Added Woman (VAW) is a woman that adds value to any relationship she finds herself in.

Anywhere she goes, she adds value, people appreciate her for the exceptional and extraordinary services she renders.

The Story of Rachel

Let’s use Rachel as a case study . She was a Shepherd, (C.f Genesis 29:9-12).
While he was still talking with them, Rachel came with her father’s sheep, for she shepherded them.
Jacob saw Rachel daughter of Laban, his mother’s brother, and the sheep of Laban his uncle, Jacob went near and rolled the stone from the well’s mouth and watered the flock of his uncle Laban.
Jacob kissed Rachel and he wept aloud.
told Rachel he was her father’s relative, Rebekah’s son; and she ran and told her father

When you are a VAW, no one can take your place you.

Beyond Beauty…

Many think that Jacob loved Rachael because she was beautiful, beauty only attracts a man to a woman, but what determines his true love for a woman goes beyond beauty.
Rachael was not just beautiful, she was industrious per excellence. This was the reason why Jacob served another 7 years because she was a Value Added Woman.

(Genesis 29:18-30)
Jacob loved Rachel; so he said, I will work for you for seven years for Rachel your younger daughter, (Vs. 18).
And Jacob served seven years for Rachel; and they seemed to him but a few days because of the love he had for her, (Vs. 20).
And Jacob lived with Rachel also as his wife, and he loved Rachel more than Leah and served [Laban] another seven years [for her], (Vs. 30)

Do you think your husband loves you because you are beautiful? Who is more beautiful than the other? Beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholder.

Hear this, Beauty does not sustain marriage but value does.
What impressed and attracted Jacob to Rachael was her industriousness. While her brothers and elder sister Leah were at home, Rachael single handedly brought her father’s flock to the well. That was where Jacob met her for the first time. ( C.f Genesis 29: 9).

Manifest your Potentials

For anyone to love you dearly, you must be adding value in one way or the other.
Do you know that people are watching every move you make? Your husband particularly? And Your children as well?

Are you Adding Value sister?
What are you bringing to the table? In any relationship, you must bring something to the table.
Even your children will not love you if you do not add value.
Are you a solution provider? what value are you adding in your family?

Value here, is not only money even though financial support is key no matter how small.
“No sensible man can resist a woman who is beautiful and industrious.”

What made a man work for 7 years for the woman he loved and yet felt like he just worked for 7 days? VALUE!

If your husband does not respect you, check very well, may be it is because you are not a Value Added-Woman.

When There is No Value…

Do you realize that Jacob did not pay Leah’s bride price? They gave him Leah as bonus. Because she has no value.
This was why Jacob had no respect for her and her children, hence he set them as first entourage when he was going to meet his angry brother, Esau.

If you forced yourself on a man, he got you cheaply and you are not adding value to his life, he will never respect you.

Sister, the value you present is what promotes your honour.
Jacob did not value Leah because she provided no value. He didn’t care if she and her children died.

Friend, if you are not adding value to your husband, he will never respect you.
Do you give your husband good counsel? Are your counsels profitable to him?
He can only listen and heed to your counsels if they are profitable. Whether you like it or not.
If he finds out that whatever you say has wisdom in it, he will listen. It may take long but at the end, he will.
Prayer is important here because men are egoistic.
You must never enforce your desire on a man or you loose.

Even after marriage, Leah was still begging and buying the attention of her own husband, whereas, Rachael was practically in control of Jacob.

When you add value, you are in control.
It is well with you sister. Prayer is the key, it changes all situations.
Sex alone and children cannot keep a man.

Say this prayer; Father, make me a VAW……..(Value added woman) in Jesus name, Amen.

Be Extraordinary

Rachael was a shepherd in the midst of her siblings, a profession meant for men. She was in control of her father’s business. This was what glued Jacob to her.

What are you doing differently?
How can boys be in the house and a girl (last daughter of the house) be the one to tend her father’s flock and family business? Industriousness!
Are you industrious?
Do not be a lazy woman. Look at what the Bible says about adding value,
The hand of the diligent will rule, but the slothful under tribute” ( Proverbs 12:24).
In Same Proverbs 22:29, it says, “Do you see a man diligent and skillful in his business? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before Mean men“.

Hardwork, will give you power and make you stand out. Be a Valuable Added Person.

When Leah had 5 children and Rachael was still waiting on God for children, yet, Jacob still loved Rachael more than Leah. Having children is good but adding value is better.

Don’t ever think you can pin a man down with children. If you like give him a nation, if you are not adding value to his life, he will walk away someday.
Children alone do not pin a man down, after all, he can get them elsewhere.

The Lady in Waiting…

Please, do not raise daughters in a way they will be liability to a man. Make your daughter a ‘shepherd’ before her ‘Jacob’ arrives. Give her a source of livelihood before marriage. If you want her husband to respect her, give her quality education and hopeful future. Don’t train her merely because of the bride price you want to collect on her head.

Let your girl child be a VAW even before her husband comes.
Train her to be industrious. She must add value.
To all women, please don’t be idle. Get something doing to secure your future. Even if your husband is stinkingly rich, don’t just sit down doing nothing. Prepare ahead of whatever storm that may arise in the future.
Anything can happen at anytime and the tide might change. Be a VAW.

Save For Raining Day

There was a woman who saved her husband from shame and reproach when he was unable to pay their house rent. On that faithful day that the Landlord came to send them out of the house and all hope is dashed, she just called her husband in and said come let’s count this together. She broke her piggy bank and they both counted the money. They were able to pay the landlord and even got enough money to reestablish the family income.

That’s a sensible woman and the type you should be for your home.
You can imagine what would have happened if she didn’t save.
Be a Value-Added-Woman (VAW).

Your home and family is important add value to it.
Add value to everyone that comes around you.
Rachel was a VAW, no wonder the husband loved her even in her childlessness. No wonder people thinks that a particular woman has charmed the husband.
Be a VAW for your own good and the good of others.

God bless

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