Nothing worthwhile is ever done hurriedly. And nothing worthwhile hurriedly done is ever wisely done. We make the most mistakes in life because we do not allow patience to have its full work in us. Learn to calm down and carefully make wise decisions that will better your course in life.

People often ask, “How can they know whether they are walking in the truth or according to their feelings or emotions”. The answer is found in PATIENCE.

Emotions urge one to hurry and do something right away. But godly wisdom will tell you to wait until you are sure of what you want to do.

Certain mistakes once made, stay with us for life. We end up spending the rest of our lives trying to correct them and get back on track. Something we could have gotten right just by waiting and trusting in the Lord.

When face with difficult decision, always wait to get a clear answer before taking a step that you may regret tomorrow.

Haste is a symptom of fear, anxiety and unrest. Take life one step at a time my. Avoid unhealthy comparison with people, follow God’s plan for your life and stop measuring yourself with others.

Always obey the promptings God gives us daily. He gives us direction by speaking to our hearts. If we can adhere to His Voice, things will go well for us.

Be determined to follow God instead of the crowd. Being excessively concerned about what others think about you leads to torment.

Life gets complicated and frustrating when you compare yourself with other people’s standard. You try to please God and people at same time. Live your +

-life and be free to be who God made you to be.

Begin to live for God.


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