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Break the Fallow Ground.
Crack The Kernel.
The Egg has been Hatched,
Is bringing out New Life.

Oh! What a joy in seeing that accomplished.
Who could have believed that a little seed can bring forth a Tree.
Indeed, there’s nothing too small for you to do.
You’re endowed.

It is Time of Harvest
Time of Seed Gathering
Time of Reaping.

Are you among?
Will you reap?
Did you sow a seed?
What did you sow?
How did you manifest them to reap?

Today, a New Being is Born
Loaded with many Potentials
Filled with Greatness.
A Solution to the World has been Layed.

Embrace that Change O’ Man
Arise and Shine, For your Light has come
Come out of your Hidden Shell

Display that which is in You.
Exhibit that Talent For the World.
Showcase the stuff you are made of.
Blow up and Manifest O’ You Embodiment of Great Potentials.

How Long will you hide in a corner?
Surpress that zeal/passion?
Dwell in dungeon? And
Run from pillar to post, when you have all it takes to reach that height you desires?

You that which can make you Great.
There are riches/wealth inside you.
You are a Divine Project not to be wasted.
You are a million Dollar Being.

Egg is Fragile.
It’s small
Smooth and
Comes from the bad end (buttocks)
….Yet it carries a living inside it.

Walk Tall
The end Tunnel is here.
The Manifestation is Now.
Today, you know
Tomorrow you don’t know
…It’s engulfed with uncertainties.

Delay No more.
Cry No more
Regret Not Again
….For your Light has come.

You must be Fulfilled.
Enjoy Life.
Be felt and
Must impact.
….For in the Grave, you can’t manifest.

Do not be among those that will walk through live and will not be felt.
Many have died with Potentials not
What a Terrible Mistake.
Do not tread that path.

Manifesting your God Given is a Step to Good Life and secrets to living a fulfilled and profitable life.


Akudo Mgbemere

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