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In Genesis 24-28, we saw why Esau couldn’t get the blessings of his father even though his father purposed to bless him.
Esau thought that only his father mattered. He sowed but did not sow rightly. He never considered his mother as an instrument that can also be used for his upliftment.

Are you the type that do not consider people around you as an instrument that can used for your blessing? Think twice.

We saw in that Bible passage that there are many people that are also instrumental to our blessings in life and have learnt that it is not good to look down on anyone, that everyone matters.


In life, we cannot make it all by ourselves. We need people around.
Naaman’s healing was possible because of his maid, 2 Kings 5:1-19. Someone can say an ordinary maid. Well God’s ways are different. Everyone that comes in contact with you, can be used as a vessel for your destiny.
Never ever look down on anyone.

Everyone is for our benefit, even our enemies.
Enemies are needed sometimes in life, to teach us wisdom and alertness. And most times, man’s perceived enemy might be his best friend. They push you to your zenith.
Our services in life must be absolute.


Are you doing eye service? Lip service? Doing something for selfish purposes or gratification?
Do you have ulterior motive?
Why do you do the things you do?
You have to think twice. There is no reward whatsoever to whomever that does things without their hearts in it.

God does not want us to serve because of what we want to gain from Him, but because of Whom He is.

Some people’s mentality is to fulfill all righteousness, not necessarily because they mean to do it. Please whenever you find yourself wanting to fulfill all righteousness, please stop. Don’t do it. Do it because you mean it.
Do you go to church to fulfill all righteousness or to serve God?

For Abraham and Lot

In Genesis 13, Lot chose the part he felt was greener, because of greed. He wanted to have the best portion or the choicest place. His motive was greed and covetousness.
What is your motive/intention of going to church? Is it to belong, connect, defraud, get noticed, show off, seek for financial help, or to seek God? Etc. please let your motive be right.
Esau served to please his father only, he did not serve to please God. No wonder he lost his blessings.
Don’t forget that God searches the heart.


He said, “I will have mercy upon whom I will have mercy and compassion upon whom I will have compassion” Romans 9:15.
King David and Saul sinned, but God forgave King David of all his sins but did not forgive King Saul. He took away the kingdom from King Saul and gave it to King David, but told King Solomon, “For the sake of your father David, I will not take away the whole kingdom from you. 1 Kings 11:12″.
What an awesome God. The only one that knows the end from the beginning.


Are you compromising or of double standard?
Are you deceiving yourself? Think twice.
God can never be deceived. He knows us all and the real intentions of our hearts.
When you see yourself quarrelling with certain things, especially the things of God, think twice.


Esau was very myopic. He caused his mother to be against him.
Are you your own limitation?
Do you cause forces to be against you?
In this journey of life, we need God to broaden our vision. See the bigger picture always.
Do not have a limiting mindset. Have an open mindset.
The bible says, “If a man’s ways pleases the Lord, He will make even his enemies to be at peace with him“. Proverbs 16:7.
Is your way pleasing the Lord?


Some women do say, as long as it’s only their husbands that are pleased with them that they’re fine. This is very wrong. Why must it be only your husband (one person) that will be pleased with you? Ensure that everyone around you is pleased with you, by showing kindness always.

Some times, it is those your in-laws that are marrying you. Your husband cannot marry you alone. The opinion of others matter a lot in your life.
Some people will say I don’t care. But, you ought to care, because when decision concerning you are taken, you may not there to say your views. Be wise.

Esau served his father, but lost his blessings because of the the forces that worked against him.
Resist forces from working against you. Minimize the number of people that hate you. It’s in your hands to do that. No one resists Goodness. Time will tell.


Did Esau not know his position in the family? And did he not know the benefits of the firstborn son of the family? Or, did he not know about the prophesy concerning his life?

THE ANSWER: He knew.
How did he know?
Genesis 27:36, “And Esau said, Is he not rightly named Jacob? For he has supplanted me these two times. He took away my birthright, and now look, he has taken away my blessing!” And he said, “Have you not reserved a blessing for me?”

Why not avoid something bad, than crying foul at the end.
Imagine Esau saying, “ls he not rightly named Jacob, a supplanter?
So he knew. Jacob did not force him.
Wisdom profitable Friends.

Some women will engage their husband’s in a fight, insult him, run mouth and after they will kneel down to beg, why? Why not avoid it at first.

Some knows what will kill them, but will still go in sheepishly, why? This is why we need the Holy Spirit to guide us. Befriend Him.


– Father, look unto me with Your eyes of mercy. In my iniquities, please, still find me worthy in Jesus name, Amen. 🙏
– Lord, let your mercy and compassion be always before me. And all the days of my life, Amen. (Romans 9:15-16).🙏
– Father, may my ways please You always oh Lord!, in Jesus name, Amen.🙏
– Father, please open my eyes to see the things I need to see, may I not be the one opening the door to the enemy.🙏



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